Published On: September 28, 2008

Samsung LN-T4065F HDTV LCD Reviewed

Published On: September 28, 2008

Samsung LN-T4065F HDTV LCD Reviewed

As a mid-level model in Samsung's 2008 line, the 40-inch LN-T4065 lacks advanced options like LED backlighting and Auto Motion Plus 120Hz, but it offers a solid amount of picture adjustments and A/V inputs, including a USB port that supports media playback

samsung_lnt4065f.jpgThis mid-level LCD offering from Samsung has a 40-inch screen size, a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and an 8-millisecond response time. It sports a well-rounded input panel, with three HDMI, two component video, and one PC input, as well as an RF input to access the internal ATSC, NTSC, and Clear-QAM tuners. The HDMI inputs accept 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 signals, and one HDMI input is located on the side panel for easy access. A USB port also resides on the side panel, through which you can view digital photos and play MP3s. Picture-in-picture is available. This model does not offer some the advanced technologies you'll find in Samsung's higher-end lines, such as 120Hz technology or LED backlighting.

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For a mid-level display, this TV offers a nice assortment of advanced picture adjustments, such as precise white-balance controls, gamma adjustment, and two color-space options: The Wide mode produces more saturated colors, while the Auto mode offers more accurate colors. There are six aspect-ratio options, including a Just Scan mode that displays 1080i/1080p images with no overscan.

The LN-T4065F has two 10-watt speakers that are hidden within the side panels. Five preset sound modes are available, and you can further tweak the equalization of various frequencies within each. SRS TruSurround XT audio processing is included.

High Points
The LN-T4065F offers a fairly deep black level for a traditional LCD. Add in its great light output, and the resulting contrast is quite good.
Samsung uses a glossy Super Clear LCD panel that improves black level and contrast even further in a room with some ambient lighting.
Colors look very natural in the Auto color space, and HD sources have excellent detail.

Low Points
Like many LCDs, the LN-T4065F exhibits some motion blur with fast-moving content, and it has a limited viewing angle.
The Super Clear LCD reflects a lot of light, which can be distracting in a brighter room.

This mid-level Samsung offering may lack some of the advanced technologies and features you'll find in the company's higher-end lines, but it's a good performer and a solid overall value.

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