Published On: July 17, 2023

Samsung Presents ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor - A Blend of High Performance and Visual Fidelity

Published On: July 17, 2023
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Samsung Presents ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor - A Blend of High Performance and Visual Fidelity

The eagerly awaited ViewFinity S9 5k monitor by Samsung finally hits the market.

Samsung Presents ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor - A Blend of High Performance and Visual Fidelity

By Author: Marko Vujović
Marko Vujović, a dedicated journalist and news press release writer started his career at 19. He has since channeled his passion into a career that covers various news topics in the tech niche, serving major industry players such as Sony and Samsung.

Samsung's ViewFinity S9 5K monitor has officially hit the market, offering creative professionals a high-performance display with stunning color accuracy and a range of convenient features. This eagerly anticipated addition to the ViewFinity lineup was announced earlier this year and has now become globally available, with the United States market eagerly welcoming the monitor at a price of $1,599 in August.

The ViewFinity S9 comes in a sleek 27-inch form factor with a 5K resolution of 5120 x 2880, providing over 50% more workspace than standard UHD monitors. This exceptional resolution ensures that professionals in graphic design, photography, and other visual industries can work on ultra-high-resolution content without needing to zoom in, allowing them to see their projects in stunning detail while keeping all their editing tools visible on the screen.

One of the key highlights of the ViewFinity S9 is its color representation. Boasting 99% DCI-P3 coverage and 218 PPI (pixels per inch), this monitor delivers saturated and vivid colors with sharp details, making it an ideal choice for users who require accurate color fidelity in their work. The typical brightness of 600 cd/m2 ensures that professionals can work comfortably in various lighting conditions.

To maintain precise color accuracy, Samsung's Smart Calibration feature allows users to easily calibrate the monitor using their smartphones. By utilizing the SmartThings app, professionals can choose between Basic mode, providing quick adjustments to white balance and gamma settings, or Professional mode, offering complete control over color temperature, luminance, color space, and gamma settings. The calibration process involves simply pointing the smartphone camera at the ViewFinity S9's screen, after which a detailed report displays the adjustments made and the Delta E color accuracy.

Moreover, the ViewFinity S9 is designed with user comfort in mind. TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care features help reduce eye strain, making extended use more comfortable. Additionally, Samsung's Matte Display technology minimizes light reflection and glare, ensuring minimal distractions during work sessions and preserving color accuracy.

Connectivity options on the ViewFinity S9 are versatile, catering to both Mac and Windows users. The monitor supports Thunderbolt 4, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C connections. Thunderbolt 4 compatibility allows devices to charge up to 90W and facilitates data transfers at impressive speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

Another feature that sets the ViewFinity S9 apart is its built-in 4K SlimFit camera. This camera can be easily connected to the monitor's back via a "pogo pin," eliminating the need for additional cables or equipment. The camera is designed to tilt and incorporates an Auto Framing feature, keeping users in focus during video calls, similar to Apple's Center Stage feature.

Furthermore, the ViewFinity S9 comes with a full Samsung Tizen smart TV interface, offering users the freedom to switch seamlessly between work and entertainment. With the instant access to popular streaming apps, this monitor can double as an entertainment display, making it a versatile choice for those living in smaller spaces.

The global availability of the Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K monitor commenced on June 26, 2023, with varying launch schedules by region. In the United States, the monitor will hit the market in August. Priced at $1,599, the ViewFinity S9 offers a compelling package of high performance, visual fidelity, and ergonomic design, making it an excellent option for creative professionals seeking a cutting-edge display solution. 

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