Published On: October 3, 2010

Samsung Showcased Wide Range Of Products At CEDIA 2010

Published On: October 3, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Samsung Showcased Wide Range Of Products At CEDIA 2010

Home electronics professionals, system designers and enthusiasts got a look at a host of options at the Samsung display and demonstrations at CEDIA's 2010 show in Atlanta, Georgia. The line-up included 3D LEDs, plasma TVs, Blu-ray players and much more.

Samsung Showcased Wide Range Of Products At CEDIA 2010

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Samsung Electronics showcased the company's latest products designed for the home entertainment enthusiast at the CEDIA Expo 2010. Custom installers looking to build a home entertainment experience for their customers were able to preview Samsung's latest 3D LED and plasma TVs, Blu-ray players, home theater systems, receivers, and Sound Bar technology.

In past months, people have increasingly demanded more immersive entertainment experiences in the home, as well as access to richer content and personalized information. Samsung's lineup at CEDIA showcased a range of 3D-capable and Internet-connected devices designed to hopefully meet these demands.

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Samsung LED 9000 Series and HT-C9950W Home Theater System

To create a home cinema system that delivers a solid audio visual experience, Samsung offers the LED 9000 Series 3D HDTV and the HT-C9950W Home Theater System.
At 0.31" thin, the LED back-lit 9000 television features Real 240Hz Clear Motion, 1080p resolution, a 6,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and HDMI version 1.4. It includes a built-in 3D processor and auto-conversion technology that Samsung claims renders 2D content into 3D in real time. The LED 9000 Series features Samsung Apps, which gives viewers access to an expanding library of content and services such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, Facebook, Google Maps, ESPN Next Level, and more. This 3D TV also offers an accessory package, which includes a Samsung Linkstick to connect easily to a Wi-Fi network, a slim Wall-mount, and a Wi-Fi capable touchscreen remote which features a 3" display that streams the same content that is being viewed on the TV to the remote.

The HT-C9950W is a 3D-capable Blu-ray home theater system which features 7.1 channel surround sound system that pushes out up to 1400 watts and consists of four floor-standing speakers, two satellite speakers, one center channel unit, an anti-vibration subwoofer, iPod/iPhone dock, two HDMI inputs, Samsung Apps, and a dongle for wireless Internet connectivity.

Samsung Televisions

With its 65-inch screen, the new Samsung UN65C8000 is the largest Full HD 3D LED back-lit TV available for the home today. It features Samsung's built-in 3D processor, Real 240Hz refresh rate technology, dynamic 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio, Samsung Apps, and proprietary Precision Dimming technology. It also supports Skype via Samsung Apps. This means that users can make calls right from their TV, turning it into a huge video screen.

The Samsung Plasma 8000 Series TV offers a 7,000,000:1 contrast ratio, built-in 3D technology, Real Black Filter, 600Hz Subfield Motion, and a Motion Judder Canceller. The television is also equipped with Samsung's CinemaSmooth technology for playback of 24fps content, two USB ports, 4 HDMI (3 rear/1 side), and Samsung Apps.

AV Receivers

The HW-C500 AV Receiver is a home entertainment system that delivers up to 500 watts of audio power through 5.1 channels. The Samsung HW-C700 AV Receiver offers 7.2 channel surround sound. The Samsung HW-C900 includes all of the features of the HW-C500, as well as video up-scaling, video up-conversion, and multi-zone functionality.
Samsung's 2010 line of AV Receivers offers Crystal Amplifier Pro technology, including multi-variable feedback circuitry and intelligent power to deliver accurate sound reproduction. Multi-variable feedback circuitry is designed to filter sound distortion and noise and intelligent power works to deliver power to the amp when listening to music with high volume variance to avoid clipping. In addition, Samsung's line of receivers comes with 4 HDMI inputs and supports HDMI 1.4 for 3D as well as an iPod/iPhone dock.

Soundbar and Portable Blu-ray Player

The Samsung HW-C450 Sound Bar can be wall mounted, while the 5.8 GHz wireless subwoofer allows users to place it anywhere in the room. The slim design means that it requires minimal space and wiring, allowing installers to add better quality sound to any TV, even in limited space. The unit features 280 watts of 2.1 channel virtual surround sound, Dolby Digital, DTS, one audio input, and 2 optical inputs.

The Samsung BD-C8000 portable Blu-ray player with 3D capability is a way to bring a home entertainment experience to a home office or bedroom setting. The Samsung BD-C8000 delivers 1080p HD video output and features a brilliant 10.1-inch screen. It includes built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to connectivity features, including an expanding library of content and applications via Samsung Apps. It even offers HDMI 1.4a support to enable 3D playback when connected to a 3D-capable TV and used with 3D glasses.

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