Published On: July 4, 2024

Samsung SmartThings Introduces Major Updates Including Matter 1.2 Support and More

Published On: July 4, 2024
Last Updated on: July 9, 2024
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Samsung SmartThings Introduces Major Updates Including Matter 1.2 Support and More

Samsung's SmartThings platform receives major enhancements, including Matter 1.2 support and advanced energy management features.

Samsung SmartThings Introduces Major Updates Including Matter 1.2 Support and More

Samsung has announced significant updates to its SmartThings platform, designed to enhance smart home ecosystems and streamline device management. The updates include support for Matter 1.2, shareable routines, improved hub functionality, new device control features, and energy management enhancements. These changes aim to improve the user experience by making the platform more versatile and user-friendly.

The most notable update is the integration of Matter 1.2 support. Matter is a universal smart home standard developed by a consortium including Samsung, Apple, Google, and Amazon. 

This new support allows SmartThings to work with a wider range of devices such as refrigerators, room air conditioners, dishwashers, laundry machines, vacuums, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, air quality sensors, air purifiers, and fans. The integration is expected to bring faster response times and more reliable device control, even without an active internet connection.

Samsung SmartThings Matter 1.2 updates.

While Samsung's SmartThings platform will fully support Matter 1.2, this support will be integrated into the SmartThings mobile app later this summer. This update positions Samsung ahead of its competitors, as other major platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home have yet to adopt Matter 1.2.

Another key feature is Shareable Routines. This allows users to share their automated sequences of tasks or actions with others, enhancing the usability and accessibility of the SmartThings platform. 

For example, users can generate a QR code for a routine, which others can scan to set up the same routine on their SmartThings app. This feature simplifies the process of replicating and sharing smart home configurations, making it easier for guests or new household members to integrate into an existing smart home setup.

Samsung has also improved the hub management interface within the SmartThings app. The new Hub Manager provides a centralized interface for configuring smart home infrastructure. Users can create Hub Groups, manage multiple SmartThings Hubs, and enable Hub Backup. 

The Hub Backup feature allows a secondary hub to take over if the primary hub fails, ensuring that the smart home remains operational. This includes transferring device configurations, network settings, and routines to the backup hub.

Samsung SmartThings AI Energy Mode.

The SmartThings platform now offers improved device control options, particularly for Galaxy smartphone users. The new Device Control feature allows users to access and control their smart home devices directly from the quick panel on their phones or tablets, similar to how they access Bluetooth, WiFi, and airplane mode settings. This feature provides faster and easier navigation and control of smart home devices without needing to open the SmartThings app.

In addition to control enhancements, the SmartThings app's user interface has been updated for better usability. The Devices tab will now display rooms as top-level tabs, making it easier to navigate and manage devices within each room. Improved device search functionality will offer suggestions based on the types of devices users own, and each device's plugin will provide visualizations highlighting key features and states.

Energy management is another area where Samsung has introduced improvements. The SmartThings Energy feature now includes a gamification aspect. Users who utilize the AI Energy Mode, which automatically adjusts appliance settings to save power, can earn Energy Stamps for daily energy savings. 

These stamps can be converted into Samsung Rewards and used to purchase products from Samsung's website. This initiative aims to encourage users to be more energy-efficient by providing tangible rewards for their efforts.

By incorporating Matter 1.2 support, shareable routines, enhanced hub functionality, improved device control, and gamified energy management, Samsung aims to provide a more seamless, reliable, and user-friendly experience. Users can look forward to a more integrated and efficient smart home environment as these features roll out over the coming months.

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