Published On: July 20, 2011

Samsung Streaming 3D Content Available Now

Published On: July 20, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Samsung Streaming 3D Content Available Now

Samsung announced a plan for streaming 3D in 2010. Now, halfway through 2011, that plan has come to fruition with Samsung offering a variety of 3D content through the Eplore 3D app.

Samsung Streaming 3D Content Available Now

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Samsung_Explore_3D_app.gifAccording to TWICE, Samsung is now not only offering 3D content, they are streaming it. The 3D content is being offered through the Explore 3D app on Samsung's SmartHub platform.

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The Explore 3D app is offering a mix of 3D high definition content which includes movie trailers from DreamWorks Animation and other studios, as well as music videos, educational content, and full-length TV shows from Wealth TV.

This is just the beginning. Samsung plans to offer paid 3D content through the Explore 3D app, including feature films and shorts. And the company plans to do it as early as the later half of 2011.

This service is now available on all 2010 and 2011 LED smart 3D HDTVs, as well as the plasma smart 3D HDTVs. The Explore 3D application is powered by Rovi technology, including the company's cloud-based metadata and RoxioNow platform.

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