Published On: August 24, 2023

Samsung to Add Cloud Gaming Apps to 2020 Smart TVs

Published On: August 24, 2023
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Samsung to Add Cloud Gaming Apps to 2020 Smart TVs

Expanding its gaming horizons, Samsung unveils its strategy to include cloud gaming apps on its 2020 smart TVs.

Samsung to Add Cloud Gaming Apps to 2020 Smart TVs

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Samsung has announced plans to bring cloud gaming apps to its 2020 smart TV models, further expanding its cloud gaming services to older devices. This move comes as part of Samsung's ongoing efforts to enhance backward compatibility and provide a broader gaming experience to its users.

The company initially introduced its cloud gaming platform, Samsung Gaming Hub, in July 2022, designed to enable game streaming on its smart TVs and monitors. Following its successful launch, Samsung extended the platform's reach to its 2021 smart TV lineup by introducing cloud gaming partner apps from companies like Xbox and NVIDIA.

Now, Samsung is poised to continue this trend by extending cloud gaming support to its 2020 smart TVs. While these older models won't have access to the full Gaming Hub platform, they will be able to download individual cloud gaming apps from Samsung's partner services. This effectively grants users access to a range of games available through these cloud gaming platforms.

Mike Lucero, Head of Product for Gaming at Samsung, made this announcement at Gamescom, highlighting the company's commitment to providing tens of millions of players with access to their favorite games and services. The decision to bring cloud gaming apps to 2020 smart TVs underscores Samsung's dedication to enhancing the gaming experience across its range of products.

“Today, we are thrilled to announce that we will expand cloud gaming apps to our 2020 model-year TVs later this year, giving tens of millions of players access to their favorite games and services,” Lucero said, according to a Samsung spokesperson. “And soon, players will enjoy an entirely new gaming experience on the Freestyle Gen 2 with Samsung Gaming Hub.”

While specific details about the rollout timeline and supported apps are yet to be disclosed, this move aligns with Samsung's strategy of making gaming more accessible to its user base. Samsung has not only focused on the latest TV models but has also taken steps to ensure that older devices can enjoy the benefits of cloud gaming.

The cloud gaming trend has been growing in the industry, allowing gamers to enjoy high-quality gaming experiences without the need for dedicated gaming hardware. By bringing cloud gaming apps to its 2020 smart TVs, Samsung is making it possible for users to engage in immersive gaming without the requirement of expensive consoles or gaming PCs.

While the exact list of supported cloud gaming apps and the rollout timeline is yet to be confirmed, this move undoubtedly signals a positive direction for Samsung's gaming ecosystem. Gamers who own 2020 smart TVs can anticipate a more diverse and engaging gaming experience as cloud gaming apps become available on their devices later this year.

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