Published On: May 6, 2024

Samsung TV Buying Guide: What to Look for in 2024

Published On: May 6, 2024
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Samsung TV Buying Guide: What to Look for in 2024

Samsung has already unveiled some sweet new TVs in 2024. Read our buying guide to learn what you need to know to pick the perfect Samsung TV for you.

Samsung TV Buying Guide: What to Look for in 2024

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About 7 years ago, I bought my first smart TV. It was Fox, I can't even remember the model, but I bought it only because it was 55 inches, and I didn't care about anything else. After a day or two, I wasn't happy having to slowly type using a remote control, so I went and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. Excited to finally connect it to the TV, I started typing on the keyboard and moving the mouse, only to find that there was a huge delay, and the experience was anything but smooth.

Thinking that the keyboard and mouse were faulty, I returned them to the store, only to later find out that, they weren't faulty. It was the TV that was unresponsive (or, well responding but very slowly). Ever since then, Samsung has been my go-to for TVs, and I haven't been disappointed since.

We’ll discuss everything from the importance of screen size and resolution to the differences between QLED and OLED panels. Stick around, and I’ll help you navigate the maze of options so you can select the perfect Samsung TV for your needs.


  • Evaluate Samsung TV models based on screen size, resolution, and panel type (QLED or OLED).
  • Consider HDR support, gaming capabilities, connectivity options, design, and sound quality.
  • For premium OLED experience, consider the Samsung S90C, S95C, S90D, S90DD, and QN65S95C models.
  • For budget-friendly options, the Samsung CU8000 series offers good picture quality and solid gaming performance.
  • Samsung’s Neo QLED series with Mini-LED backlighting provides enhanced HDR performance and superior brightness control.

Key Features to Consider

Black Samsung TV turned on with Netflix logo showing

One of the most important things to consider is the screen size. It’s best to pick one that’s just right for your viewing distance.

For example, if you’re usually about 6-9 feet from your TV, a 55-inch screen is a good fit. If you’re a little farther away, about 7-10 feet, then a 65-inch screen would be better.

Another critical factor is the resolution. A high-resolution display can significantly enhance your viewing experience. You should also consider the panel type. Samsung offers both QLED and OLED options, each with its own benefits.

Perfect black levels and contrast.
Consistent color from wide angles.
Fast response times, reducing motion blur.
Ultra-thin design.
Higher brightness, suitable for bright rooms.
Vibrant and colorful displays.
Longer lifespan and less prone to burn-in.
Generally more budget-friendly.

HDR support is also a key feature to look for, as it provides better color and contrast.

Also take into account additional features that suit your preferences, such as gaming support, connectivity options, design, and sound features. I also recommend setting a budget and sticking to it.

Lastly, remember to consider your viewing habits, room lighting, and audio quality preferences. Got a bright room? QLED may be better than OLED. Prefer (or have to) watch from various angles? OLED's the way to go.

Best Samsung TV Models

Let’s dive into some of the best Samsung TV models that have earned rave reviews for their advanced features and superior performance.

  • The Samsung QE65S95D is a standout with its QD-OLED technology (a combination of QLED and OLED) and support for various HDR formats. It’s one of the best Samsung TVs if you’re looking for different size options.
  • Samsung QN65QN95C is the best premium QLED TV that boasts a Mini LED backlight and 4K resolution. It’s gaming-friendly too, with features like 4K/120, VRR, ALLM, and HGiG support.
  • Samsung QE75QN900D is a great choice For those who want to experience the future of television. It offers a stunning 8K resolution and supports various HDR formats. Remember that real 8K content is still limited though.
  • If you’re budget-conscious, the Samsung UE55CU8000 is worthy of consideration. It offers a solid 55-inch 4K display, making it great value for money.

Premium OLED Options

Man in a shirt and hat watching a Samsung TV

Moving on from the best Samsung TV models, we’re now going to explore their premium OLED options which offer even more advanced features and superior visual quality.

OLED technology provides incredible color accuracy, deep contrast levels, and a wide viewing angle. For a top-tier OLED experience, the Samsung S90C and S95C models are excellent picks. They come in various sizes, and the S95C even delivers 40% more brightness for a truly stunning picture.

Yet, there’s more to Samsung’s premium OLED lineup. Models like the S90D and S90DD offer even brighter displays with reduced banding, although they do come at a higher cost. These TVs are milking every inch out of the premium nature of OLED technology.

For those who still want OLED but are looking for something a bit more affordable, Samsung offers the QN65S95C. This model blends quality and value, giving you a vivid, sharp image at a fairy reasonable price.

Budget-Friendly Choices

Despite being on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality with options like the Samsung CU8000 series. This affordable model offers pretty damn decent viewing experience, colorful, erm, colors, and a solid gaming performance. Available in sizes ranging from 43 to 85 inches, it’s a versatile choice that suits different room sizes and viewing distances.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

While the edge-lit backlighting of the CU8000 may lead to mixed picture quality compared with higher-end models, it still delivers a visually pleasing experience. This series, aside from its budget-friendly tag, also boasts of decent features that heighten your viewing pleasure. So, if you’re on a budget, but still want a Samsung TV with good picture quality and solid gaming performance, the CU8000 is a great value option to consider.

Mid-Range Recommendations

Transitioning to mid-range options, you’ll find the Samsung QN90B is a strong choice, boasting QLED technology with mini-LED for brighter images and impressive contrast. In my opinion, as far as mid-range Samsung TV options go, this one's your best bet, delivering a superior viewing experience while being kinder to your wallet.

There's not much else to say here. While both budget and premium categories have various options, in the mid range, QN90B is, simply put, the clear top choice.

Mini-LED Selections

Diving into the realm of Mini-LED selections, I’d like you to note how Samsung’s Neo QLED series, with its Mini-LED backlighting, significantly enhances the overall TV performance. These mini LEDs are smaller and densely packed, which allows for more precise local dimming, thereby enhancing the High Dynamic Range (HDR) performance.

Black Samsung TV turned on

The use of mini LEDs results in enhanced picture clarity and reduced blooming in bright areas, providing a high level of brightness and color accuracy. This takes the viewing experience to a whole new level, creating vibrant, lifelike images right in your living room. The Neo QLED series truly showcases the potential of mini LED technology, combining superior brightness control and improved contrast to deliver an immersive viewing experience.

As you weigh your options in 2024, I strongly suggest considering a Samsung TV with Mini-LED backlighting, particularly from the Neo QLED series. This cutting-edge technology offers substantial improvements in picture quality over traditional backlighting methods, making it a worthy investment for any home cinema setup.


Samsung's premium options are really strong choices, and are, in my opinion, worth their cost. Still though, while the QD-OLED technology in QE65S95D is impressive, the budget-friendly CU8000 doesn’t disappoint either.

It all depends on your viewing preferences and budget. You need to ask yourself - are you a gamer, a movie buff, or a sports enthusiast? What kind of environment (room) will you be watching your TV in? How far will you be from your TV? What's your budget? Answer those questions, and choose one of the options from our picks that works best for you.

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