Sanus Accurate Series AFA Equipment Rack Reviewed

Published On: February 22, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sanus Accurate Series AFA Equipment Rack Reviewed

Sanus is best known for their HDTV mounts but their stunningly well-made home theater equipment racks are getting attention from all over the world of high end AV. For those consumers packing high end amps, preamp and other electronics having a stable rack is key to audio and video success.

Sanus Accurate Series AFA Equipment Rack Reviewed

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Sanus-AFA-Rack-Reviewed.gifEquipment racks, like most things in the AV industry, have gotten expensive as of late. A few months ago I was looking for a straightforward, three or four shelf equipment rack to house a very basic two channel audio system in my office, I found dozens of potential suitors; however I was unwilling to pay more than $500 for a rack that was essentially MDF shelving and a bit of steel tubing. Then I saw it, the Sanus Accurate Series AFA equipment rack. At its core it looked like many of the other racks I'd seen: it had four shelves, it was sturdy and it cost $169.99.

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The Sanus Accurate Series AFA is a very basic equipment rack in both looks and design. It features four black lacquered shelves held in place by tubular steel pillars for a complete open-air solution. I have to admit, though the Accurate Series AFA may not have a slick finish, it's still far from ugly. In fact, it's a very good looking rack especially considering its sub $200 price tag. In terms of features the Accurate Series AFA has two adjustable feet and wire management, which is a fancy way of saying it has round holes in the back of every shelf to fish your components' cables through. The Accurate Series AFA is a bit on the larger side at 25 and a half inches wide by 33 inches tall and 19 and a half inches deep. It can accommodate any standard size equipment, including a turntable or medium sized HDTV on its top shelf due to its slightly larger size. In my office I have a 42-inch Samsung LCD resting on the top shelf and it's base fits perfectly on the Accurate Series AFA's top shelf.

The one caveat about the Accurate Series AFA's shelves is their weight capacity. Most consumers looking at purchasing a rack like the Accurate Series AFA probably aren't going to be putting huge power amplifiers or three chassis preamps on its modest shelves. More than likely it will house a receiver or integrated amp, a Blu-ray player or video game consol and a modest HDTV. That being said the weight capacity for the Accurate Series AFA's top shelf is 100 pounds and its bottom shelf, the one most likely to house a separate power amp or receiver, can handle 75 pounds.

Read about the high points and the low points of the AFA rack on Page 2.


High Points
• While not made out of exotic materials like Bald Eagle talons and Mars lunar steel, the Accurate Series AFA is still stylish and extremely functional. 
• The Accurate Series AFA is a very solid and sure footed for an equipment rack at this price point. Under weight it exhibits almost zero sway or shake. I've done the two-finger push test to $5,000 racks only to watch them sway like leaves in a breeze, not so with the Accurate Series AFA. 
• The wire management feature is actually quite useful, provided you don't have a lot of garden hose-like
power cords and cables
• The Accurate Series AFA's open architecture keeps equipment cool for better performance and longevity.

Low Points
• The middle shelf spacing is just a bit tight for me. I would've liked to have an extra inch or inch and a half. 
• The Accurate Series AFA's shelves are not adjustable nor can you add shelves to it.

If you're looking for a clean and simple, extremely functional, sturdy and affordable equipment rack, look no further than the Accurate Series AFA rack from Sanus. At $169 retail the Accurate Series AFA rack is the perfect real world equipment rack for the customer looking to simply house their components.

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