Published On: May 7, 2010

Sanus' New Tilting Mount For Ultra-thin HDTVs

Published On: May 7, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sanus' New Tilting Mount For Ultra-thin HDTVs

One of the many benefits of having an ultra-thin HDTV is the ability to adjust the viewing angle. Sanus Systems' latest contribution to this is their just-announced VLT15 Super Slim Tilting Mount, part of the company's Vision Mount super slim wall mount line.

Sanus' New Tilting Mount For Ultra-thin HDTVs

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SanusImage.gifSanus Systems just announced the latest addition to its VisionMount Super Slim TV wall mount category. The new VLT15 Super Slim Tilting Mount places ultra-thin LCD, plasma and LED TVs just .82" from the wall and allows up to 10° of tilting capability. Sanus VisionMount Super Slim mounts are ideal for placing the thinnest flat-panel TVs as close to the wall as possible, yet still allowing easy installation and exclusive features for enhancing the home theater experience. Featured on the VLT15 is the revolutionary Adjustable Virtual Axis tilting technology, making the VLT15 the only mount in the industry to accommodate all types of flat-panel TVs with various depths.
Other industry-leading features include:
• ProSet•: Post-installation height and leveling adjustments allow the TV to be perfectly positioned after hanging
• Quick-release tabs: Conveniently-located tabs pull down easily to unlock the TV from the wall plate for accessing cables
• ClickStand•: Props hold the TV away from the wall for easy cable access without having to remove the TV from the mount
• Lateral shift: An innovative wall bracket design allows the TV to move left and right for perfect placement on the wall, even with off-center studs
• Wall plate mounting holes: The smart wall plate design accommodates 16" or 24" on-center studs
The VLT15 supports TVs from 37 to 65 inches and up to 150 lbs. It is currently available for a list price of $219.99 USD.

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