Published On: October 16, 2009

SANYO Donates Its 3,000,000th Projector Sold

Published On: October 16, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SANYO Donates Its 3,000,000th Projector Sold

Not many manufactures can claim the kind of sales numbers SANYO is about to celebrate. Three million, that's right, SANYO has successfully manufactured and sold three million front projectors and to celebrate they're giving it away.

SANYO Donates Its 3,000,000th Projector Sold

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We'd like to thank for their assistance with our projector evaluations and testing. Their yearly shoot-out, extensive selection and helpful attitude makes our life easier when we need to dig in a little more.


SANYO will conduct a ceremony to celebrate the manufacture and shipment of their 3 millionth projector, the PLC-WTC500L. The 2:00pm ceremony will be held at Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) with top executives from SANYO North America and AVI-SPL who will be accompanied by the university's IT and administration staff.

"We are proud to share this milestone with our dealer AVI-SPL, as well as our long time client, the Georgia Institute of Technology. This year also marks both our 3-millionth projector and our 20th anniversary in developing innovative, leading edge projectors and the WTC-500L represents the type of innovative, high-image-quality projectors that has made SANYO a leader in the educational industry," states Sam Malik, Director of Marketing for the Presentation Technologies Group in SANYO North America's Consumer Solutions Division.

The 3 millionth projector was sold by AVI-SPL, out of their Atlanta, GA office, to GA Tech who has previously purchased many SANYO projectors for their classrooms and auditoriums. AVI-SPL is the largest and one of most advanced global integrator in the A/V industry, providing custom systems integration solutions, equipment sales, and service.

The PLC-WTC500L is a Portable Multimedia Projector that offers a wide variety of features and functions that are critical for the classroom environment, including a high brightness rating of 5000 lumens, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and WXGA (1280x800) native resolution. The new optical engine uses an inorganic panel for increased reliability and also features SANYO's Lamp Selection System, which automatically selects one of two lamps, making it possible to project approximately 6000 hours between lamp replacements.

The event will be held today at 2:00 pm in the on the GA Tech campus. All members of the press are welcome to attend. The ceremony will be brief and conclude at 3:00pm.

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