Sanyo DP55441 55-inch 120Hz LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Sanyo DP55441 55-inch 120Hz LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Sanyo_DP55441_LCD_HDTV_review_blue_screen.jpgHigh Points
• For well under a thousand dollars its clear where Sanyo's money and efforts have gone with regard to the DP55441 - its performance.
• The DP55441 is easy to install, easy to live with and performs as well as you would expect a budget HDTV to perform.
• The DP55441's image is by no means class leading though there are a number of cheaper HDTVs that can't hold a candle to its performance. If you're not one of those who are super critical and just want a no-frills HDTV to enjoy your favorite television shows and movies on, then the DP55441 is tailor made for you.

Low Points
• The DP55441's fit and finish isn't exactly confidence inspiring for while I doubt it will break or simply fall apart, the materials used are cheap in nature.
• The DP55441 does lack in the input department, especially when it comes to HDMI, having only three which isn't enough in my opinion.
• The DP55441's level of picture control is a bit basic and the adjustments within each parameter a bit large in terms of their effect. You can still calibrate the DP55441 and achieve a suitable image but the control just isn't as precise.
• Some folks have complained online that the DP55441 suffers from lip-sync issues. This is true though if you disable its 120Hz motion processing and auto dimming it does fix the problem. This is more the technology's fault and not Sanyo's, for most sets suffer from this anomaly. Still they are two features you've paid for that do little to enhance your viewing experience.
• The DP55441 has no Internet connectivity nor 3D ability of any kind, so consumers looking for those features should look elsewhere.

Competition and Comparison
The 50 to 60 inch HDTV market is hotter than ever with displays ranging in price from the affordable to insane. Focusing only on the DP55441's affordable competition one should also look at and/or consider Vizio's E551VL 55-inch LCD HDTV. Retailing for $1,099.99, though I'm sure its street price is far lower, the E551VL is another no-frills HDTV, though unlike the Sanyo DP55441, the Vizio appears to be better built and boasts slightly better specs.

For more information on affordable LCD HDTVs including the latest news and reviews please check out Home Theater Review's LCD HDTV page.

While the consumer electronics world would rather you spend your money on a larger than life LED HDTV with all the bells and whistles, the truth remains that unless you need and/or care about the bells and whistles there's a strong argument to be made for a no-frills, affordable HDTV such as the Sanyo DP55441. Is it the best HDTV on the market today? No. Is it the worst? No. Truth be told it's slightly above average but that's not what makes it appealing. What's appealing is the fact that its cheap, packs enough performance to make it worth it and is easy to use and live with, which is more than I can say for a lot of the more "fancy" HDTVs I've encountered.

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