Published On: January 26, 2011

SANYO Introduces Interactive Short-Throw Projector

Published On: January 26, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SANYO Introduces Interactive Short-Throw Projector

Short throw projectors are getting a lot of press these days and for good reason, they allow consumers to project a large image, in some instances as large as 100 inches in diagonal, without having to place the projector far away in your room. Looking to stand out from the crowd SANYO is enticing possible short throw projector customers with an added feature -interactivity.

SANYO Introduces Interactive Short-Throw Projector

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SANYO recently announced the introduction of a wide XGA short-throw 3 LCD interactive projector that provides full functionality, reportedly on any surface on which the image is projected.

SANYO claims that unlike existing interactive solutions that require whiteboards or other surfaces with built-in sensors, the PLC-WL2503 operates when any screen or wall surface is used to display the projected image. 2500 lumens brightness and a 500:1 contrast ratio ensure picture quality and clarity, and an short-throw lens creates images from 60 to 110 inches at a distance of no more than 47 inches from the screen.

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Conventional interactive projector systems require the use of an interactive whiteboard connected to the PC. SANYO's interactive system eliminates this need by providing two interface devices (a pen and a pointer), each containing an infrared (IR) transmitter. When the tip of either device is pressed against the screen or wall surface, it generates an IR signal that is detected by a camera module located on the front surface of the projector. This signal allows the system to determine the relative location of the tip on the projected image, and this information is transmitted to the PC through a USB connection for display on screen. Calibration for setup is simple, requiring only half of the calibration points than is normally required. The system is compatible with virtually all software, as well as the Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS operating systems.

With an ultra short-throw lens, the PLC-WL2503 can create an 80-inch projected image from a distance of only 34-inches. The ability to locate the projector so close to the projection allows presenters to work next to the screen without casting shadows or having to avoid the projector's light beam. Its Wide XGA format provides a 16:10 aspect ratio with 1280x800 resolution, allowing the presentation of HD resolution images, and an HDMI 1.3 input facilitates connection to HD sources and DVD players. When the projector is used with a surface other than a conventional screen, special modes are available for blackboard and color board surfaces.

The projector can reportedly operate up to 4,000 hours before requiring a lamp or filter replacement. SANYO's proprietary hybrid filter uses multiple filter stages, with each layer capturing smaller particles than the previous one.

The PLC-WL2503 uses SANYO's exclusive PJ Network interface for control and status reports. Through a wired LAN control and a web browser, the projector can be switched on and off, inputs can be selected, and system status reports, including the need for lamp replacement, can be sent by email to up to ten addresses. Control ports include a D-sub 9 RS-232C connector and an RJ-45 connector for the wired LAN Network control

Available in January 2011, the PLC-WL2503 has an MSRP of $1695.99.

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