Published On: May 23, 2024

Savant and Kaleidescape Partnership Brings Premium Cinema Quality to Smart Homes

Published On: May 23, 2024
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Savant and Kaleidescape Partnership Brings Premium Cinema Quality to Smart Homes

Savant integrates Kaleidescape’s top-tier movie platform into its smart home ecosystem.

Savant and Kaleidescape Partnership Brings Premium Cinema Quality to Smart Homes

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Savant Systems, Inc., a prominent player in the smart home and smart power segments, has announced a partnership with Kaleidescape. This collaboration aims to elevate home cinema experiences by integrating Kaleidescape’s high-quality movie platform with Savant’s comprehensive smart home ecosystem. The combined offerings are now accessible through the Savant Store, marking a potentially significant step forward in home entertainment solutions.

Kaleidescape is renowned for its premium digital movie platform, which includes the Strato C movie players and Terra Prime movie servers. These devices are known for delivering movies with lossless audio and full reference video quality, a unique feature among digital providers. 

The Kaleidescape movie store offers an extensive library of 4K and HD titles, encompassing movies, TV series, and concerts. High-bitrate 4K movies can be downloaded from the store to the Terra Prime servers for local storage and playback across multiple Strato C players within a home.

Kaleidescape Strato C 4K Movie Player and Terra Prime SSD Movie Server

“Kaleidescape and Savant’s smart home integration is an elegant solution that delivers an unmatched cinematic experience, taking home theater to a new level of luxury,” said Priscilla Morgan, COO, of Kaleidescape. “When you combine Savant’s leading smart home capabilities with Kaleidescape’s ability to deliver lossless audio and full reference video on screen, movie night comes alive with a simple push of a button.”

The integration of Kaleidescape’s platform with Savant’s smart home ecosystem promises a seamless and enhanced user experience. Through the Savant app and the Savant Pro Remote X2, users can navigate Kaleidescape’s content with ease. The system enables one-touch access to Kaleidescape via Savant Scenes, which also allows users to control lighting, climate, and other smart home features to create the perfect ambiance for movie nights.

The Savant Pro Remote X2 is an important component of this integration. Designed to be sleek and user-friendly, the X2 remote consolidates control over various smart home systems, including entertainment, lighting, climate, and shades. Users can personalize their experience by organizing icons for favorite services, channels, and scenes, tailoring the interface to their preferences. This remote can be configured based on the equipment in a specific room or optimized for individual user needs.Savant integrates Kaleidescape’s top-tier movie platform into its smart home ecosystem.

One of the main features of the X2 remote is its single-button access to the Savant Home App for Apple TV. This app provides a well-designed control center displayed directly on the TV, enhancing the user interface. Additionally, the inclusion of Siri voice control simplifies system management, making it more accessible and intuitive.

Savant Pro Remote X2 Key Features:

  • Aluminum chassis in Space Gray color; Rose Gold & Jet Black are available for added charge
  • Hi-res 3.1-inch touch screen, backlit hard buttons
  • Programmable hard buttons for Scenes
  • One touch activation of Savant Home App
  • Control of integrated lighting, climate, security systems, Savant Music & more
  • Personalization by user, including creating scenes on remote
  • Siri voice control w/Apple TV integration

The partnership between Savant and Kaleidescape could signify a notable advancement in home cinema technology. By combining Kaleidescape’s high-quality movie playback capabilities with Savant’s comprehensive smart home control, the collaboration aims to deliver a more immersive and convenient entertainment experience. 

Integrators and consumers alike will benefit from this partnership. Integrators can now offer a robust and cohesive solution that meets the growing demand for high-quality home entertainment systems. Consumers, on the other hand, will enjoy a streamlined and enriched viewing experience, with easy access to a vast library of premium content and the ability to control their home environment from a single interface.

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