Published On: July 12, 2016

Savant's First Direct-to-Consumer Remote Is Now Available

Published On: July 12, 2016
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Savant's First Direct-to-Consumer Remote Is Now Available

Savant has announced that its first direct-to-consumer universal remote control, succintly named the Savant Remote, is now available through Best Buy and the company's network of authorized dealers. A well-known presence on the custom installation side of the HT business,...

Savant's First Direct-to-Consumer Remote Is Now Available

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Savant-Remote.jpgSavant has announced that its first direct-to-consumer universal remote control, succintly named the Savant Remote, is now available through Best Buy and the company's network of authorized dealers. A well-known presence on the custom installation side of the HT business, Savant has, up to now, only offered control and home automation products through authorized dealers who must handle the programming. The Savant Remote is the first product that consumers can buy and set up themselves, and the $499 package includes the Savant Host that allows for wireless communication between products, as well as the Blaster to control hidden gear.

From Savant
Savant has announced the availability of a new line of direct-to-consumer products, starting with the entertainment-focused Savant Remote. The Savant Remote combines the convenience of a universal remote with the power of home automation, simplifying the entertainment experience by letting consumers control devices, such as cable boxes, Apple TV, Sonos, Roku, and even lighting, from a single device.

By bringing the company's proven technology and premium experiences to a broader market for the first time, Savant is offering consumers an introduction to the elevated smart home experience for a fraction of the price. "For over 10 years, through our Savant Pro product line and elite Pro Integrators, we've given the world's most discerning homeowners the ability to have everything in their homes just the way they like it. With our new, more affordable Savant product line, we're bringing the award-winning Savant experience to everyone," said William Lynch, CEO of Savant. "We've designed our products to be easy for anyone to set up and use, work with the technology you already own, and grow with your needs. As we add new services beyond entertainment and lighting, people will be able to enjoy their home in even more ways."

Designed in collaboration with award-winning San Francisco design studio Ammunition, led by renowned industrial designer Robert Brunner, the Savant Remote addresses the major sources of frustration with traditional and universal remotes, controlling more than 380,000 of today's most popular entertainment devices, as well as lighting. Using voice control or the elegant touchscreen, users can easily switch between favorite channels, services (cable, DirecTV, Sonos, Apple TV, Blu-ray, etc.) or activate their Savant Scenes. The Remote also offers a new level of customization for users, providing personalized profiles so friends and family can access their own favorite channels or Scenes with a tap or voice command. For the first time, users can capture Scenes right from the remote, giving them the ability to capture a mood they can recall at any time--like "Relax," which could instantly dim the lights and cue up a mellow playlist. Savant Lamp Control delivers fully controllable lighting and dimming capabilities, allowing users to combine lighting and entertainment to set the mood instantly.

The Savant App pairs with the Remote and makes it easy to control scenes, services, and settings from anywhere. It also features Savant Instant setup, a guide that quickly walks consumers through the setup process--helping them connect their entertainment devices without needing to know model types and numbers.

Until now, customers could only experience Savant through professional integrators. Now, the new Savant product line is available for purchase at Best Buy's Magnolia Design Centers and Magnolia Home Theater stores, as well as on, with the support of Geek Squad services nationwide. The Remote will also be available through Savant's nationwide network of authorized Savant dealers, who provide consultation and custom installation services. On, customers receive free direct shipping anywhere in the U.S.

The Remote is available as a part of a $499 entertainment package that also includes the Savant Host and Blaster. The Host enables wireless communication among devices, while the Blaster lets homeowners control devices in closed cabinets and outside the line of sight of the Remote. Savant Lamp Controllers are sold separately for $99 each.

The Savant Pro product line, offering the best in premium control and automation, will continue to be offered exclusively through Savant Pro Authorized Integrators and Magnolia Design Centers.

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