Published On: June 11, 2024

Savoir x KEF Seventy Five: A $115,000 Fusion of Sound and Sleep

Published On: June 11, 2024
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Savoir x KEF Seventy Five: A $115,000 Fusion of Sound and Sleep

The Savoir x KEF Seventy Five is a new luxury bed that aims to enhance sleep quality with an integrated audio system that promises a unique sensory experience.

Savoir x KEF Seventy Five: A $115,000 Fusion of Sound and Sleep

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British luxury bed maker Savoir and famous loudspeaker manufacturer KEF have introduced the Seventy Five, a high-end bed designed to improve sleep quality through an integrated audio system. Priced at $115,000, the Savoir x KEF Seventy Five combines Savoir's renowned craftsmanship with KEF's advanced acoustic technology, promising an unparalleled sensory experience for those who can afford it.

Savoir, with a heritage dating back to 1905, is known for its bespoke beds, each handmade in the UK from the finest natural materials. The company produces fewer than 1,000 beds annually, maintaining an exclusive clientele that includes historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe.

The Savoir x KEF Seventy Five model is built upon Savoir's iconic No. 2 bed, featuring a luxurious topper filled with millions of hand-laid natural micro springs made from horse tail hair. The company says that this bed requires more than 150 hours of skilled craftsmanship, ensuring each piece meets Savoir's high standards of quality and comfort.

Savoir x KEF SEVENTY FIVE — Upholstered in Kvadrat x Raf Simons ‘Vanir 0773’ and paired with a slim No. 2 base and bed set

KEF, known for producing some of the world's best loudspeakers, contributes to this project with its Ci3160REFM-THX reference architectural speakers. Embedded in the bed's headboard, these speakers feature KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver array, which places a 5.25-inch tweeter between two 6.5-inch woofers, ensuring a balanced and immersive soundstage. Additionally, the bed integrates six KEF Kube 8b subwoofers into its base, providing deep, resonant bass to enhance the auditory experience.

The name "Seventy Five" references the ideal tempo of 75 beats per minute, considered optimal for relaxation and aiding sleep. This concept highlights the bed's primary objective: to improve sleep health by leveraging the calming effects of music. Research indicates that listening to music can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and alleviate anxiety, all of which contribute to better sleep quality.

KEF Reference Ci3160REFM-THX In-Wall Speaker

“Music has the potential to transport us, which is exactly what we need in order to fall asleep,” says Savoir’s resident sleep scientist, Dr. Rebecca Robins. 

“In our go-go busy lives it is easy for the day to fly by filled with work tasks, then bedtime rolls around and many of us struggle because we have not built in time to relax, unplug, and unwind. Music is one terrific way to separate from your busy day, transport yourself, and prepare the mind and body for sleep.”

Savoir and KEF’s partnership aims to merge these benefits with the physical comfort of a high-end bed, creating a holistic sleep environment. The Seventy Five’s headboard is upholstered in luxurious Kvadrat/Raf Simons fabric, chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its sound-enhancing properties. The fabric is sustainably sourced, aligning with contemporary environmental standards, and the bed's construction also includes recycled Kirkby Design fabric.

The Savoir x KEF Seventy Five offers a range of features designed to blend functionality with luxury. The headboard includes dark American walnut side tables equipped with wireless charging ports, adding a modern convenience to the bed's classic design. The integration of high-performance audio equipment is managed by Robert Taussig, ensuring seamless setup and operation.

KEF Kube 8b Subwoofers in black color.

Customization is another key aspect of Savoir's offerings, and the Seventy Five is no exception. Buyers can select from various fabrics, wood trims, and even the type of mattress and topper. Options range from Savoir’s standard No. 2 mattress to more advanced models like the No. 3, No. 4, or No. 5. This flexibility allows clients to tailor the bed to their specific preferences and needs.

The Savoir x KEF Seventy Five is available for viewing at the Savoir Showroom on Greene Street in New York City. The base model starts at $115,093, with prices varying based on customization options.

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