Published On: August 18, 2023

Schiit Audio Unveils New Flagship Products: Mjolnir 3 and Kara

Published On: August 18, 2023
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Schiit Audio Unveils New Flagship Products: Mjolnir 3 and Kara

Schiit Audio introduces two new additions to its lineup: the Kara Nexus Balanced Preamp & Headphone Amp and the Mjolnir 3 Class A Headphone Amp & Preamp.

Schiit Audio Unveils New Flagship Products: Mjolnir 3 and Kara

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Schiit Audio, renowned for its budget-friendly audio products, is looking to make waves once again with the introduction of two new additions to its lineup: the Kara Nexus Balanced Preamp & Headphone Amp and the Mjolnir 3 Class A Headphone Amp & Preamp. 

These additions to Schiit's product lineup aim to provide enhanced audio experiences for discerning enthusiasts, featuring innovative designs and promising versatile performance.

Mjolnir 3: Elevating Class A Amplification

At the forefront of this release is the Mjolnir 3, a limited-production flagship Class A headphone amplifier that boasts remarkable versatility and unparalleled performance. According to Schiit, the Mjolnir 3 isn't just another amplifier; it represents a bold exploration of Class A design principles.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Mjolnir 3's key features include true single-ended Class A output, switchable to push-pull mode, allowing users to tailor their amplification to specific headphones and preferences. 

Mjolnir 3 AMP and Preamp in black.

The selectable gain and feedback options provide a level of customization rarely seen in amplifiers. The dual-mono design of the Mjolnir 3 features separate transformers and choke-input power supplies for each channel, ensuring optimal performance.

Jason Stoddard, the co-founder of Schiit Audio and head of analog design, remarked, "Mjolnir 3 is by far the most extreme Mjolnir we’ve done to date. This is designed to explore the limits of a true Class A design while providing unprecedented flexibility for the owner." Stoddard emphasized that the Mjolnir 3 is designed for the audiophile who seeks both uncompromising quality and a unique, limited-run product.

Kara: Reinventing Solid State Preamps

Schiit's second revelation, the Kara Nexus Balanced Preamp & Headphone Amp, could mark a new era in solid-state preamplification. Serving as the successor to the well-regarded Freya S, the Kara sets new standards in performance and innovation, Schiit claims.

One of Kara's standout features is its utilization of Schiit's exclusive Nexus balanced differential topology, powered by high 64V power supply rails. This design choice ensures exceptional headroom and performance without relying on excessive feedback. 

Kara Nexus balanced preamp & headphone amp

In addition to its preamp capabilities, the Kara houses a headphone amplifier that delivers astonishing performance across a wide range of headphones. This could mark a significant advancement for Schiit, as it's the first preamp from the company to feature a fully protected, high-performance headphone output.

Jason Stoddard explained, "Kara is a new beginning... Now, it’s an extremely capable, super high-performance preamp in its own right, without the need for tubes." The Kara's flexibility and innovation should make it a remarkable addition to the lineup, appealing to audiophiles who value both versatility and uncompromising quality.

Availability and Pricing

The Mjolnir 3 is available exclusively in a sleek black finish, with a limited run priced at $1199. On the other hand, the Kara Nexus Balanced Preamp & Headphone Amp is offered in a black finish at $699, and a silver finish option is anticipated to be available in the next 3-4 months, priced at $749.

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