Published On: March 17, 2011

Screen Innovations Announces New Projector Screen: the G3

Published On: March 17, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Screen Innovations Announces New Projector Screen: the G3

Its not a private plane but its nearly as cool. The G3 is the newest screen release from Screen Innovations (SI). The Screen Innovations G3 comes with slick Somfy motors and works to remove "repeat marks" found on other screens.

Screen Innovations Announces New Projector Screen: the G3

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SI_Screens_Reference_Motorized_G3_Screen.gifScreen Innovations (SI) just announced the new Reference Motorized G3 screen. The new SI Reference Motorized model includes Somfy motors and controls for integration with all control systems. All SI screens are precision-cut on computerized fabric tables, reportedly enabling precise tab placement for all screen sizes. A new tab system limits traditional repeat marks found on most screens.

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SI Reference Motorized eliminates the need for an independent flush mount chassis. Some manufacturers require a separate chassis to put the box in. With SI Reference Motorized, the installer can either add flush mount plates at the bottom or add the décor plate for external installation. Pricing is the same for in-ceiling or on-ceiling / on-wall--simply specify type desired when order is placed.

Setting limits and controlling the operation of the SI Reference Motorized reportedly only takes seconds thanks to Somfy's ILT2 technology coupled with the SI Referenced Motorized Control Board. Controls included in the box (at no extra charge ) are: 12 volt Trigger, IR Remote / Receiving Eye, and Wall Switch. RS232/485 & RF are available options, both of which are compatible with all common control systems. SI's Referenced Motorized mounting brackets give installers the flexibility to mount on-wall, on-ceiling, in-ceiling-top-mount, and in-ceiling-side-mount. This design allows for incremental adjustment both vertically and horizontally after the screen is mounted.

Reference Motorized is available up to 200" with all SI HD screen materials, including the Gamma HD, Solar HD, Lunar HD, Gamma Maestro HD, and Lunar Maestro HD. Custom screen sizes are available in one inch increments and the unit comes standard with a 24 inch black screen drop (up to six feet with custom orders).

SI Reference Motorized G3 will be released May 1st 2011.

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