Published On: July 27, 2018

Screen Innovations Ships "Long Drop" Version of Zero-G Screen

Published On: July 27, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Screen Innovations Ships "Long Drop" Version of Zero-G Screen

The new Long Drop version of Zero-G extends up to 15.8 feet and features thin, strong, customizable cables that virtually disappear.

Screen Innovations Ships "Long Drop" Version of Zero-G Screen

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Thanks to today's newer ambient light rejecting screen materials, front projection systems are leaving the confines of enclosed home screening rooms and popping up more frequently in all manner of high-performance media room settings. That does pose a problem, though: not all living spaces are really condusive to drop-down screens. If you have high vaulted ceilings, you know exactly what we're talking about here.

Screen Innovations set out to solve that problem by way of a new version of its Zero-G screen dubbed the Zero-G Long Drop. In this case, "Long" stands for up to 15.8 feet for drop, and given the super-strong, super-thin, color-customizable cables on which the screen hangs, that means you'll effectively be looking at an image hovering in space.


From Screen Innovations:

SI's Zero-G with a newly extended maximum drop promises to solve the problem that integrators often have when specifying a motorized screen where extremely tall ceilings make it all but impossible. Zero-G is unlike any other motorized screen in that it has no black mask above the viewing surface. Instead, the Zero-G screen is housed in a two-piece tube that is suspended from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) cables, where it deploys at a pre-set location and unrolls itself, displaying the viewing surface with up to 15.8-feet of drop.

SI's ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen materials such as Slate, which are also available on Zero-G, make it a true problem solver for anyone wanting to get an image in hard-to-reach locations without sacrificing image quality. An added benefit, is that the area above the Zero-G viewing surface is acoustically transparent and does not negatively impact the viewing experience like a standard motorized screen with black masking material would. Because it's completely open above, art-deco walls, large windows like what you will find in a house of worship, speakers, or even lighting systems all remain visible, not covered by a large black mask such as you would find in traditional motorized screen systems.

In addition to the newly added long drop option, SI has also quietly re-engineered many of the internals of the Zero-G chassis including mechanics such as a new end-cap design that is milled entirely from one block of aluminum, and improved consistencies for internal mounting points by using barrel mounts instead of a pulley system. These improvements come from valuable feedback from the dealer channel that have either purchased the product or participated in SI's beta program.

Zero-G is completely custom built by hand just like the rest of SI's screens in their Austin, TX facilities. This ensures complete control over the development, engineering, and production processes. To further simplify the specification process for its dealers, SI has made it easy to order and configure a screen in less than 30-seconds with the online screen builder tool.

"Zero-G has always been an incredibly impressive screen, but the long drop option takes it to a whole new level," said Skyler Meek, Director of Marketing. "Sure, the awesome ALR capabilities of our screen materials solve a huge problem, but the most jaw-dropping part of the whole thing, for me at least, is just watching the thing roll up and down. No other screen on the planet offers this kind of experience."

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