Published On: January 9, 2012

Sensio Creates 3D Video on Demand Service: 3DGO!

Published On: January 9, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sensio Creates 3D Video on Demand Service: 3DGO!

One of the obstacles for 3D to overcome to grow as a technology is the process of providing content. Sensio has begun a process to help combat this problem by creating a 3D Video on Demand service.

Sensio Creates 3D Video on Demand Service: 3DGO!

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Sensio-logo.jpgSensio recently announced the launch of a 3D Video on Demand store: 3DGO!. With 3DGO!, consumers across the U.S. will benefit from a 3D solution to access and view 3D titles in the Sensio Hi-Fi 3D format. Available in spring 2012, 3DGO! will offer a wide variety of dedicated 3D content, ranging from blockbuster studio titles to documentaries, to consumers whose 3DTVs support Sensio Hi-Fi 3D technology.

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3DGO! uses the Sensio Hi-Fi 3D technology, providing the highest image quality amongst frame compatible formats. After installing the application on a connected 3DTV, consumers will simply need to select the 3DGO! service. The transactional model will offer consumers access to a wide 3D library, which Sensio commits to continue to develop. Neither subscription nor additional equipment is required.

"We committed ourselves to bringing added value to our Sensio Hi-Fi 3D clients and to keeping them one step ahead," said Nicholas Routhier, Sensio President and CEO. "We know customers want more 3D content and easy/convenient access to it. This is exactly why we are launching 3DGO!. For the first time, consumers will get easy access to the largest on-demand 3D dedicated library directly from their 3DTVs. 3DGO! is the simplest way to make good use of any 3DTV."

Sensio Hi-Fi 3D is a unique frame-compatible technology for high-fidelity stereoscopic signal processing and is easily integrated into display products. Developed and refined by Ssensio for more than a decade, and deployed in the field for seven years, this technology has been trusted by the biggest names in content creation for pioneering and commercializing live 3D events in cinemas around the world, as well as for high-profile console games and DVD movies.

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