Published On: February 11, 2011

Seymour-Screen Excellence Releases New Reference Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Published On: February 11, 2011

Seymour-Screen Excellence Releases New Reference Fixed Frame Projection Screens

New video screen player, Seymore Screen Excellence, is out with a new more affordable line of fixed video screens that reportedly reject upwards of 98% of ambient light in a dedicated home theater or media room.


Projection screen company Seymour-Screen Excellence, recently announced the release of its new Reference Fixed Frame (RF) screens for North America.

According to Managing Director Chris Seymour the RF screens are upgraded versions of existing models - a result of his design influences and materials sourced in Iowa, where the venture operates from.

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New is RF's Infinite Black velvet border material, which Seymour claims absorbs 99.7% of projected light for the sharpest border and over-scan absorption available today. Upgraded is the Enlightor 2 material, which Seymour-Screen claims is the highest gain woven acoustically transparent (A.T.) material available on the market and the Enlightor 4K, reportedly the industry's only ISF-certified A.T. material designed for super-high 4K resolution Digital Cinema.

With 10 to 100 times more holes per square inch than perforated vinyl screens, the Enlightor screen materials are woven fabrics that make possible placement of the screen over in-wall loudspeakers, allegedly without imposing a minimum speaker or sitting distance.

Available in standard 1.78, 2.37 or custom aspect ratios, the screens are available in image widths from 70 to 250-inches. Featured is a full-perimeter groove tensioning system that locks the screen with a continuous support. Pricing starts at $2,500.

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