Published On: October 9, 2008

Sharp AQUOS LC-52D92U HDTV LCD Reviewed

Published On: October 9, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sharp AQUOS LC-52D92U HDTV LCD Reviewed

If you want the best that Sharp has to offer in terms of features and performance, then you should check out the LC-52D92U. This 52-inch, 1080p TV combines a 4ms response time with 120Hz technology to reduce blur, and it offers RS-232, a detachable speaker bar, and three HDMI inputs

Sharp AQUOS LC-52D92U HDTV LCD Reviewed

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sharp_aquos_lc52d92u-LCD-HDTV.gifAs part of one of Sharp's top-shelf 2007 lines, this 52-inch, 1080p LCD has a 4-millisecond response time and uses 120Hz technology to reduce motion blur. The TV has a healthy connection panel that includes three HDMI, two component video, and one DVI/PC input, plus an RF input to access the internal ATSC, NTSC, and Clear-QAM tuners. The HDMI, component, and DVI inputs accept 1080p/60 but not 1080p/24. An RS-232 port is on board to integrate the TV into an advanced control system. The TV lacks picture-in-picture functionality, and it does not include a digital media connection such as a USB port or SD card reader.

Compared with other higher-end flat panels, the LC-52D92U has limited options when it comes to advanced picture adjustment. You do get seven AV Modes, five color-temperature options, digital noise reduction, and a feature called OPC that automatically adjusts the picture's brightness based on your room's lighting conditions. However, the menu lacks white balance, gamma, and advanced color-management controls. Unlike newer 120Hz LCDs, this model does not include varying degrees of adjustment or even an on/off setting. There are four aspect-ratio options for SD content and five options for HD, including a Dot by Dot mode for viewing 1080i/1080p images with no overscan.

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The LC-52D92U features a detachable speaker bar that runs along the bottom of the panel. As with the video controls, the audio options are limited. You get basic bass, treble, and balance controls, plus a generic surround mode. There is an option to turn off the screen and just listen to audio, a nice feature for those people who like to listen to the digital music stations offered by their cable or satellite provider.

High Points
• The LC-52D92U offers outstanding detail and good color with both HD and SD sources.
• It's a versatile TV that looks good in both bright and dark viewing environments, buts its high light output makes it an especially good fit for a brighter room.
• The 4ms panel and 120Hz technology successfully reduce motion blur.
• It has lots of 1080p-capable inputs and a detachable speaker bar.

Low Points
• The TV does not accept 1080p/24 signals.
• It suffers from noticeable screen-uniformity issues.
• The viewing angle is only average compared to other sets in its price range.

The Sharp LC-52D92U is a generally solid performer, but it can't quite compete with some of the newer high-end models that offer better features, setup options, and overall LCD performance. On the plus side, because it was released in early 2007, there are now great deals to be had on this large 52-inch panel. Because the TV does not accept 1080p/24 signals, you'll want to mate it with a Blu-ray player with has excellent video processing.

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