Published On: September 28, 2010

SIM2 Plans To Focus On Dealers

Published On: September 28, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SIM2 Plans To Focus On Dealers

In a move that is very un-SIM2 like the usually self assured and self promoting Italian projector manufacturer has backed off its self aggrandizing ways and has decided to try a more grass-roots or humble approach to its product marketing which is to focus their collective attentions on their dealer base, which has dwindled in recent years.

SIM2 Plans To Focus On Dealers

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SIM2_logo_.gifCelebrating a successful year that included the endorsement of Academy Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola, SIM2 arrived at the CEDIA Expo with its energies firmly focused not just on products, but mainly on its dealers. SIM2 dealer's success and sustainability will be based on the partnership strategies that the company has put in place for 2010 and beyond.

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"We want to lead by example at this year's CEDIA Expo," said Alberto Fabiano, VP of Marketing for SIM2 USA. "Many companies use the Expo to 'wow' attendees with over-the-top concepts that seldom amount to anything more than 'vaporware'. This year, more than ever, SIM2 is making a conscious effort to showcase a comprehensive package that includes products and services to support a healthy, stable selling environment for the dealer."

This year, SIM2 is proposing many new models and solutions for the CI segment at CEDIA, but one new offering to all attendees: all the new products are available for immediate shipping. One of the advantages of having the skills and experience of SIM2's R&D department is the ability to create display products that use the latest proven technologies to deliver the best video performance.

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