Published On: June 19, 2018

SnapAV Introduces Affordable, High-Perfomance Episode Terrain Outdoor Speaker System

Published On: June 19, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SnapAV Introduces Affordable, High-Perfomance Episode Terrain Outdoor Speaker System

The Episode Terrain system comes with a 4.1 speaker package that can be expanded by way of two additional satellite speakers and one additional sub.

SnapAV Introduces Affordable, High-Perfomance Episode Terrain Outdoor Speaker System

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When it comes to outdoor speaker systems, you normally have your choice of inexpensive, easy to install, or decent sounding, and if you're super lucky you get to pick two of the three. With its latest Episode speaker system, though, SnapAV is aiming for a trifecta. The Episode Terrain system, as it's dubbed, aims to be budget-friendly and flexible in terms of installation, while also delivering immersive and well-balanced sound in the backyard.

The default system configuration is a 4.1 speaker setup, but your dealer can easily expand the system by way of an add-on satellite pair or even another sub. The 6.2-speaker configuration is reportedly ideal for outdoor spaces measuring up to 3,000 sq. ft.

From SnapAV:

Episode, SnapAV's exclusive speaker brand, has released Episode Terrain, a budget-friendly landscape system that bests the competition in sound, price, and installation ease.

Terrain, which includes four 4-inch satellite speakers and an 8-inch burial subwoofer, is designed to work with a standard multi-channel or 2-channel amplifier.

"Customers want to expand their audio to the outdoors, but can't always spend thousands of dollars to do it," said Matthew Kamp, Product Director, Audio. "Terrain is a perfect complement to our high-end Landscape System, because it gives dealers an affordable, high-performance solution that customers will love. Terrain allows them to install a landscape system on more jobs."

According to a recent CE Pro study, outdoor installs grew 44% last year, making the development of Terrain a no-brainer for the Episode team.

Continued Kamp, "If you're a dealer who is still nervous about outdoor audio, then Terrain should be your go-to purchase. From wiring to installing, it's the simplest landscape system in the industry."

Terrain features an intuitive wire management system, which allows installers to hammer the stake in the ground, then run and hide the wires within the stake. Once wiring is complete, they can use the patent-pending quick connect system to attach the head of the speaker. This prevents wires from twisting and allows for easy access if they ever need to service the speaker.

"The first thing you'll realize is just how quickly you can install this system," said Kamp. "The second thing is the sound. We set up a blind audio test, and Terrain blew the competition away."

Terrain satellite speakers are crafted with a high-strength ABS + Glass enclosure, polypropylene cone woofer, and aluminum dome tweeter. An innovative two-way speaker design and DVC subwoofer allow this system to play lower and louder, providing unparalleled sound throughout any space.

Episode Terrain begins as a convenient 4.1 system, but can easily be expanded to fit larger outdoor environments. Dealers have the option to purchase two additional satellite speakers or an additional subwoofer, so they can build a custom solution with up to 3,000 ft2 of coverage.

"Scalability and flexibility are huge selling points for our dealers," said Kamp. "We made it easy to expand and service the system, so they won't have to worry about replacing it completely."

Like Episode's current Landscape System, Terrain products feature a completely weatherproof design and are rated for extreme temperatures, from -20° to 185 Fahrenheit. Terrain speakers are also compatible with Landscape accessories, allowing for easy mounting. Episode will soon add a functional pivot bracket to the lineup, providing 120 degrees of rotation and better directional sound.

Concluded Kamp, "Dealers want a great-sounding landscape solution that's affordable for their customers. Terrain gives them that."

You can shop the all-new Episode Terrain system at For more information about the entire Episode product line, visit

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