SnapAV Introduces Simpler Media over IP Solution

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SnapAV Introduces Simpler Media over IP Solution

For most of us, HDMI is a perfectly fine method of getting audio and video from source to endpoint, assuming you can keep up with the ever-changing standards and new features. If you have a larger job, though, perhaps with a centralized rack of gear that feeds every room in your palace, the distant constraints of HDMI start to become more of an issue.

We've seen all sorts of attempts to address that, from fiber optic baluns to HDBaseT matrices. But now, SnapAV has what promises to be an easier-to-install--and hence more affordable--solution in the form of its Binary 900 Series MoIP system. Not only is the Binary system simpler in terms of networking setup and hardware requirements, but it also features a sophisticated software platform designed to make device discovery and maintenance easier.

From SnapAV:

Binary™, SnapAV's exclusive media distribution brand, has released an all-new HDMI over IP solution. Binary's 900 Series Media over IP (MoIP) system delivers reliable, 4K UHD content with HDR support from countless sources to countless displays.

MoIP includes a B-900 transmitter, receiver, and controller, making it infinitely scalable and able to be used in both commercial and residential settings. Some competitors offer a confusing assortment of products, but MoIP features a focused lineup of three SKUs for added simplicity and affordability.

"Binary MoIP eliminates all of the complexities of deploying IP based AV distribution systems," said Brian Holden, Senior Director of Media Distribution. "For the matrix switcher buyer, we've made it so easy that they can confidently make the transition. For IP customers, it's a way to save time and money. This product has it all - it can be quickly and easily set up, it's scalable and flexible, it delivers reliable 4K, and it's OvrC enabled."

According to Holden, dealers frequently complain about how long and complicated typical AV distribution setup was. But with OvrC, simple setup, and intuitive user interfaces, a dealer using MoIP can go from power-on to picture in 5 minutes or less

The Binary solution reduces the network complexity and know-how required from most AV distribution systems, requiring only a Layer 2 PoE switch (such as the Araknis 210 or 310 Series).

OvrC, SnapAV's award-winning remote management platform, helps quicken initial setup by auto-discovering the controller. Plus it provides unparalleled troubleshooting tools after a dealer leaves the job, like real-time video screenshots.

Traditional matrix switchers have limited inputs, but Binary MoIP allows dealers to fit, scale, and upgrade the solution to their client's specific needs.

Continued Holden, "From basic 6x8 configurations to video walls and robust systems with dozens of endpoints, dealers can deliver an expandable, future-ready solution where new displays and sources can be added to a job by simply adding additional MoIP devices. No need to replace the entire system."

And while matrix switchers force dealers to downgrade all source content to the lowest video quality that works, MoIP encodes the best video possible and then downscales it at displays to support a blended system of 4K, 4K HDR and 1080p displays.

"Our engineers put MoIP through tortuous testing over numerous months, conducting real-world testing with dozens of dealers to ensure we deliver the ultra-reliable solution they've come to expect from Binary," said Holden.

The system supports three methods for controlling sources and displays, utilizing RS-232 over IP, customizable 2-way IR routing and CEC. Plus, it includes drivers for today's most popular control systems, including Control4, Crestron, ELAN, URC, RTI and more.

Concluded Holden, "From setup to support to scalability, there's just nothing like MoIP on the market today. This will open the door for a lot of dealers to confidently make the move to IP - which will help them continue to grow their businesses."

You can shop the all-new MoIP solution at For more information about Media over IP, visit

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