Published On: September 25, 2008

Snell's New Marketing Strategy Clearly Defines Its "No Compromises" Approach in All Listening Applications for Dealers and Customers

Published On: September 25, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Snell's New Marketing Strategy Clearly Defines Its "No Compromises" Approach in All Listening Applications for Dealers and Customers

"No Compromises" is the new marketing strategy of Snell Acoustics. The slogan represents the company's commitment to provide customers with the best sound regardless of installation location or application. The company is also launching an aggressive two-pronged dealer incentive program which will encourage retailers to feature Snell products on their showroom floors.

Snell's New Marketing Strategy Clearly Defines Its "No Compromises" Approach in All Listening Applications for Dealers and Customers

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Snell Acoustics, a manufacturer of loudspeakers for more than 30 years, is launching a new marketing strategy around its "No Compromises" commitment to provide customers with the best sound regardless of application or installation location. In addition, to promote its recently introduced Illusion Reference Tower Loudspeaker (SRP: $25,000), as well as its re-defined Signature Series and Premier Series loudspeakers, the company is launching an aggressive two-pronged dealer incentive program that will motivate retailers to actively demonstrate Snell products on their showroom floors.

Reference Playback for Multiple Listening Applications

Key to Snell's "No Compromises" marketing & product strategy is the company's commitment to provide customers with reference playback for multiple listening applications. Every model in the company's loudspeaker lineup reflects the Snell pedigree. Most importantly, many of the engineering and design characteristics of Illusion, including the transducers, voicing techniques and driver technologies, are carried through to Snell's Signature and Premiere Series as well.

Customers Choose "Elegant," "Hidden" or "Invisible" Speaker Solutions

In order to provide customers with a full range of "no compromise" design choices suitable for their specific listening environment, décor or installation situation, Snell's Signature and Premier series offer different models in three separate design configurations, including: "Elegant," a traditional-style design featuring wood-finished cabinetry; "Hidden," which represents in-cabinet designs for proper installation in millwork; and "Invisible," which features in-wall/in-ceiling solutions for discreet mounting. Regardless of choice in aesthetic styling, each application features loudspeakers that deliver an appropriate listening solution.

Launch of "No Compromises" and "Illusion" Dealer Incentive Programs

As part of Snell's "No Compromises" marketing strategy, the company is launching a two-pronged initiative that includes both a "No Compromises" dealer incentive program as well as an "Illusion" dealer incentive program, both designed to enable retailers to showcase Snell products and help communicate the company's core messages. In the "No Compromises" dealer incentive program, Snell will target a select group of retailers to showcase one of the company's "Elegant" loudspeaker solutions on their showroom floors. This will enable customers to experience the sound for themselves, and then choose the application solution that's best for their particular lifestyle or listening environment (Elegant, Hidden or Invisible).

For the "Illusion" dealer incentive program, the company will handpick a more select group of qualified retailers across the country to showcase Illusion.

Noted Joe D'Appolito, Ph.D., Snell's Chief Engineer: "There's no question that Illusion represents the pinnacle of achievement in loudspeaker design, incorporating only the finest transducers, the very latest advances in dynamic driver and network design and Illusion's unique continuously variable cabinet geometry. Our strategy and commitment going forward is to re-create the same unparalleled Snell listening experience in all loudspeakers, regardless of system needs or configuration."

Phil Cohn, Snell Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, added: "To communicate our 'No Compromises' message to discriminating home entertainment enthusiasts, we are launching our most aggressive dealer incentive program ever, and we're looking forward to continuing the Snell commitment to partner exclusively with the finest independent retailers and custom integrators across the country to accomplish both our goals and theirs."

Bob Graffy, Snell Vice President, noted: "The Snell brand has always been committed to serving the independent channel with products that define excellence and set the highest possible performance standards in audio reproduction. I'm very excited that our U.S. sales team is continuing to focus exclusively on this all-important channel. The "No Compromises" program steps up our commitment to these independent dealers and their customers."

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