Published On: January 25, 2024

Sonos Architectural Series Grows with Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker Addition

Published On: January 25, 2024
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Sonos Architectural Series Grows with Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker Addition

Sonos has announced an exciting addition to its Architectural series with the unveiling of the Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker.

Sonos Architectural Series Grows with Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker Addition

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Sonos, renowned for its wireless speakers and audio solutions, has announced the expansion of its Architectural series with the introduction of the Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker. Collaboratively designed and tuned in partnership with Sonance, the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker is set to provide a powerful and versatile audio solution for both installers and consumers alike.

Joining its predecessor, the 6-inch version, the new Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker aims to cater to those seeking high-quality audio experiences within their homes, with an emphasis on seamless integration into ceilings and walls. With a scheduled release in the spring of 2024 and a price point of $999 per pair, it aims to bring an enhanced audio experience to a broader audience.

The key features of the Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker include a larger 20cm woofer with a high-excursion motor. This combination promises a smooth midrange and deeper, more powerful bass, extending down to 32Hz. The speaker also boasts a wider 100-degree listening area, ensuring that audio is dispersed evenly throughout the room. A 30mm tweeter, coupled with an optimized waveguide, enhances high-frequency dispersion and ensures natural-sounding vocals.

One noteworthy aspect of the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker is its ability to seamlessly coexist with the smaller 6-inch version. Both models share an identical white steel magnetic grille that can be painted to match various ceiling types, providing flexibility and aesthetic harmony within a given space.

It's important to note that, unlike Sonos' popular wireless speakers, the in-ceiling models are passive, requiring an external amplifier for operation. To address this, Sonos offers the Sonos Amp within the Architectural line, designed to complement these speakers. The Sonos Amp not only powers the speakers but also offers overdrive protection and custom-tuning enhancements for a fuller sound and balanced frequency response.

Additionally, the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker benefits from Sonos' Trueplay tuning technology, which adjusts the audio output to suit the acoustics of the room it's placed in. Users can control playback using the familiar Sonos app, making it a seamless addition to existing Sonos setups. The inclusion of AirPlay 2 control further enhances its versatility.

Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker include a 20cm woofer with a high-excursion motor.

Audra Kinsley, VP, and GM of Sonos Professional, emphasized that the Sonos 8" In-Ceiling Speaker was developed with feedback from installers in mind, who sought more size options and installation flexibility.

“The 8” In-Ceiling Speaker has been designed in direct response to the needs of our installers, who asked us for more size options and flexibility during installation,” said Audra Kinsley. 

"This new addition provides a bold sound profile and stunning performance that enhances the experience customers get when Sonos Architectural speakers are paired with Sonos Amp. The addition of the 8” In-Ceiling Speaker provides professional installers and customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the design and sound experience that fits perfectly within their space.”

In combination with Sonos Amp, the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker offers multi-room audio capabilities, ensuring a crisp and clear sound throughout a space. The integration with Sonos Amp unlocks additional benefits such as overdrive protection and custom tuning enhancements, guaranteeing an immersive audio experience. Furthermore, Trueplay tuning, which considers room size, construction, and furnishings, should ensure that the audio output is optimized for the environment.

As with all Sonos Architectural speakers, the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker benefits from the Sonos ecosystem, including compatibility with popular streaming services, Apple AirPlay 2 control, regular software updates, and the ability to expand the system by adding more Sonos speakers and components over time.

Sonos' introduction of the 8" In-Ceiling Speaker expands its Architectural series, offering consumers and installers a versatile and high-performance audio solution. With a focus on power, flexibility, and seamless integration, this addition is set to provide an enhanced audio experience within homes, ensuring that sound can be enjoyed throughout every corner of a room.

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