Published On: February 8, 2024

Sonos Headphones Could Arrive in the Fall

Published On: February 8, 2024
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Sonos Headphones Could Arrive in the Fall

Sonos hints at a groundbreaking move into the headphones market, stirring anticipation with rumors of its highly-anticipated Sonos headphones.

Sonos Headphones Could Arrive in the Fall

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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In a recent earnings call, Sonos, the renowned audio technology company, has dropped significant hints about its entry into the headphones market, sparking anticipation among consumers and industry analysts alike. CEO Patrick Spence confirmed plans to unveil a new product category in the third quarter of the year, indicating a potential launch timeframe for the highly-rumored Sonos headphones.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Sonos CEO, Patrick Spence, confirmed during an earnings call that the company will be introducing a new product category in Q3 of 2024.
  • Speculation suggests that Sonos will unveil over-ear headphones codenamed "Duke," potentially rivaling premium competitors like Apple's AirPods Max.
  • The headphones are expected to offer seamless integration with other Sonos audio devices, maintaining the company's hallmark ecosystem compatibility.
  • Pricing for the Sonos headphones is anticipated to be in the range of $400 or higher, positioning them in the premium segment of the market.
  • Sonos aims to diversify its product portfolio to reignite growth amidst a sales decline over the past year.
  • Sonos may also expand its distribution channels to reach new households and broaden its market reach.

Scheduled for release between July and September, Sonos' move into the headphones market marks a strategic expansion beyond its established dominance in smart speakers and soundbars. The company's decision to enter this competitive space comes amidst persistent rumors dating back to 2021, with speculations suggesting a premium over-ear headphone model, codenamed "Duke," could be on the horizon.

“With a solid first quarter in the books, we now turn our undivided attention to the launch of our highly anticipated product,” Spence told investors.

While specific details regarding features and pricing remain scarce, insiders speculate that the Sonos headphones will offer seamless integration with existing Sonos audio products, voice control functionality, and top-tier build quality. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested a potential price point exceeding $400, positioning Sonos headphones in direct competition with established industry players like Apple and Sony.

A patent drawing shows two potential designs for Sonos headphones

Furthermore, Sonos' recent acquisition of Glasgow-based RHA Audio, known for its expertise in in-ear headphone design, fuels speculation about a potential expansion into the in-ear headphone segment. This step highlights Sonos' dedication to broadening its range of products and meeting the changing tastes of consumers.

The company's move into headphones matches its aim of boosting growth in a challenging market landscape. With an expected revenue boost of $100 million from new product introductions in 2024, Sonos aims to capitalize on untapped market opportunities while solidifying its position as a leading innovator in the audio technology industry.

CEO Patrick Spence expressed enthusiasm about Sonos' venture into the headphones market, emphasizing the company's dedication to delivering exceptional products that resonate with consumers. Spence's remarks underscore Sonos' proactive approach to exploring new avenues for growth while maintaining its hallmark commitment to quality and innovation.

“We are just months away from announcing our highly anticipated new product in a multibillion-dollar category, which will be the first major milestone of our multiyear product cycle,” Spence said in the earnings release. “Our full attention is dedicated to successfully executing on our plan and positioning our business to return to top and bottom line growth.”

"When we’re thinking about a new category that is new to us, it’s all opportunity," Spence said. "We are approaching it with the kind of energy, excitement, and prudence around investments that we always do.”

As anticipation builds around Sonos' forthcoming headphones, industry observers await further details regarding specifications, design, and availability. With the promise of a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup, Sonos remains poised to make waves in the headphones market, offering consumers a compelling alternative in an increasingly crowded landscape.

Stay tuned for updates as Sonos prepares to unveil its latest innovation in the realm of audio technology.

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