Published On: September 22, 2020

Sonus faber Announces Limited-Edition Loudspeaker

Published On: September 22, 2020
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sonus faber Announces Limited-Edition Loudspeaker

The II Cremonese ex3me loudspeaker is modeled after the original II Cremonese, with an upgraded tweeter and a redesigned mid-high crossover network

Sonus faber Announces Limited-Edition Loudspeaker

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Anyone considering a purchase of Sonus faber newest loudspeaker better act quickly because the company announced it is only making 50 units of its special edition II Cremonese ex3me. The very limited edition model is an upgrade to the original speaker, released in 2015 and named after a famous violin. The new design features a protection grille for the Berrylium D.L.C. dome, 180mm midrange transducer, and two 180mm woofers. It also has a redesigned mid-high crossover network that uses Paracross Topology to reduce radio-frequency interference. It will cost you $58,000 to become one of a very exclusive group of audiophiles to own a pair of these new Sonus faber loudspeakers, which are available now.

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Read more about the new release from Sonus faber below:

Sonus faber is proud to introduce the new special edition Il Cremonese ex3me. Introduced in 2015 with the intention of completing the Sonus faber Homage Collection, the speaker was named after a traditional Italian violin, the Il Cremonese. This violin is the most famous among the master Antonio Stradivari's creations. Due to its superb sound capability, the new Il Cremonese speaker immediately placed among the ranks of Sonus faber's Reference Collection catalogue, becoming a favorite among the Sonus faber R&D team members.

This predilection turned the Il Cremonese into a crucial internal Sonus faber work instrument, serving as an effective test bench for the development of various technical solutions due to the innate versatility of its electroacoustic configuration.

This concept led to the idea of using Il Cremonese as the foundation for a unique loudspeaker system characterized by new technical features with a precise performance target: absolute neutrality working around the behavior of both the top and bottom ends of the audio spectrum. Il Cremonese ex3me embodies a loudspeaker system coming to life by combining elements from the original project, such as midrange and woofers, with iconic solutions derived from Sonus faber's 30th Anniversary Celebration concept speaker model, Ex3ma.

Several new design solutions contribute to a precious electro-acoustic jewel available in a special, limited run of 50 pairs embellished by the return of a traditional Sonus faber finish, the classic "Red Violin". The overall aesthetic design of Il Cremonese ex3me does not stray from the original model, except for the detail of the tweeter- which diverges from the iconic "arch" of the D.A.D. system in favor of the protection grille applied in front of the Beryllium D.L.C. dome. The design maintains the "Romboidal Diamond Design." The 5-sided cabinet breaks the classic rules of Lute or Lyre shape. Taking inspiration from the shape of Sonus faber's Lilium Collection, Il Cremonese has cleaner lines with a more edgy design aesthetic. Maintaining the absence of parallel walls ensures that the acoustic characteristics are not compromised by standing waves or internal reflections.

This solid cabinet is further strengthened by two "Dampshelves" machined from solid billet aluminum forming the top and bottom of the cabinet. These structural elements increase rigidity and lower resonance that contributes to the attenuation of spurious noise that contaminates the purity of the musical message.

Spurious micro-vibration is grounded to the Zero Vibration Transmission system that mechanically decouples the entire loudspeaker from the floor using a combination of metal and elastomer isolation components inside of a multi-part coaxial spike assembly, called "Silent Spikes". The result is an audible improvement in transparency and dynamics.


Il Cremonese ex3me has a suggested manufacturer retail price of 58,000 USD.


Il Cremonese ex3me will be available worldwide from September 2020.

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