Published On: October 15, 2010

Sony Expanding 4K Onto 2,000 Screens

Published On: October 15, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sony Expanding 4K Onto 2,000 Screens

Sony was one of the pioneers behind cinema 4K technology so it should come as no surprise that they're expanding their 4K reach by putting their latest 4K projectors on more than 2,000 new screens.

Sony Expanding 4K Onto 2,000 Screens

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Sony is expanding its 4K projection technology. The company currently has about 5,000 4K screens worldwide, with one-third of those equipped for 3D. Plans are now in place to expand 4K onto 2,000 more screens in the United States.

Sony is working very hard to get their technology into theaters. The company has been working to find financing and to make deals with exhibitors to help with the cost of conversion. Recently, they were able to get hold of $140 million dollars in financing to help pave the way for Sony to assist exhibitors convert their operations to the digital technology.

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Sony is looking to be a one stop solution for 4K. In addition to projection systems, customers can get integrated software, servers, displays, controllers, installation, monitoring, maintenance, content creation, and distribution services. If you want it, Sony has got it. At least, that is what they are aiming for.

Sony has had deals with AMC Theaters and Regal Entertainment Group for some time now and they are continuing their expansion into theaters in the two nationwide chains. Recently, the company has begun to work with Muvico Theaters, Frank Theatres, Hollywood Theaters, and Lincoln Square Cinemas to further extend the presence of their 4K technology.

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