Published On: October 12, 2010

Sony Introduces World's First HDTV With Google TV

Published On: October 12, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sony Introduces World's First HDTV With Google TV

There was a lot of fan fare leading up to the launch of Google TV for it appeared to be the answer to everyone's prayers, the only problem was the fact that no one appeared to know they were praying for anything and Google TV's launch landed upon the AV space like a ton a bricks.

Sony Introduces World's First HDTV With Google TV

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Sony today introduced Sony Internet TV, powered by Google TV. The creation of this new line of products - which feature several television as well as a Blu-ray player - was possible by combining Sony's knowledge of hardware and engineering and Google's understanding of open software.

The new products merge multiple content sources, be that broadcast content or streaming video from the internet, into one interface. Sony Internet TV is powered by Google TV which is built on the Android platform, runs the Google Chrome browser, and includes an Intel Atom processor.

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The models also feature Dual View, allowing users to watch television while tweeting about it, checking sports scores, or finding related content on the web. The televisions and Blu-ray player also feature the ability to bookmark content and add applications from the Android Market, making it possible for owners to customize the product however they want. The models come standard with Sony's streaming service Video On Demand powered by Qriocity, CNBC, Napster, NBA, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, and YouTube.

The remote for these products is an RF QWERTY keypad that features a built in optical mouse for navigating content. Also, certain mobile devices, such as an Android phone, will be able to control the TV through an app that will be made available later this fall. Other features include built-in Wi-Fi and a fully upgradeable OS that can be improved through system updates in the future.

Sony Internet TV and the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player are currently on pre-sale at and They will be available for purchase at Sony Style on October 16 and at Best Buy shortly after.

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