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The MDR-XB500 headphones occupy the middle spot in Sony's "extra bass" trio of headphones. As the name suggests Sony designed these headphones to kick out serious low-end response while also providing excellent performance through the rest of the frequency range.

The XB500s styling is pure hip-hop and obviously aimed directly at young consumers who probably drive cars packed full of amps and giant subwoofers. The ear cups are just massive and remind me of the puffy coats that littered MTV not too long ago, and probably still do. The pads measure nearly two inches thick and are almost four inches in diameter. I must admit however that they are extremely comfortable, and if you don't mind the strange looks you get while wearing them, then they could be worn for days without fatigue.

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If you can look past the beanbag ear pads, the rest of the headphones are very stylish. I especially like the sophisticated profile. The wide black headband is terminated at the driver with concentric silver circles, which helps to reduce visual heft. Even the Sony logo adds to styling rather than detracting which is often the case. Normally, I am not a fan of headphones with cords on each driver as they tend to always be in the way, but these headphones wouldn't look right without them. Overall, these are very cool looking headphones.

Listening to the XB500s is probably exactly as you think it would be. The bass is unbelievable and played so deep that it was a bit unnerving. It's as if somehow Sony managed to fit a fifteen-inch subwoofer in these headphones; perhaps that's why they need such large cushions. Frequency response is rated down to 4 Hz and while they played deep, I'm pretty sure they didn't go that deep; however I have no way to actually measure the results. The rest of the headphone performance was honestly difficult to assess because the bass simply overpowers everything. I played some acoustic music through the XB500s and they did a pretty good job with it, but even then I wished for a volume knob to turn down the low frequencies just a little more. Midrange performance was a little flatter than expected and the treble even seemed a touch rolled off, but this was probably due to the massive contrast with the bass.

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