Published On: September 27, 2023

Sony Unveils Limited Release of BRAVIA A75L OLED TV

Published On: September 27, 2023
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Sony Unveils Limited Release of BRAVIA A75L OLED TV

Sony BRAVIA XR A75L is on the horizon, marking the beginning of pre-orders, promising a fusion of OLED brilliance, gaming prowess, and smart TV functionality.

Sony Unveils Limited Release of BRAVIA A75L OLED TV

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Sony Electronics has unveiled a limited release of its much-anticipated BRAVIA XR A75L OLED 4K HDR Google TV, available in two sizes: 55” and 65”. Following the success of the BRAVIA XR A80L 4K HDR OLED Google TV, the A75L promises an immersive entertainment experience with its pure OLED black and vibrant color, all powered by the Cognitive Processor XR. Enthusiasts can look forward to pre-ordering this new model on starting in early October.

One of the key highlights of the BRAVIA XR A75L is the Cognitive Processor XR, which strives to deliver a picture that mirrors the real world with wide dynamic contrast and natural colors. The XR OLED Contrast Pro and XR Triluminos Pro technologies contribute to achieving pure black, lifelike brightness, and billions of accurate colors.

With Google TV integration, users can access all their favorite streaming apps seamlessly, and the Google Assistant allows for voice-activated searches and questions. The model also supports Apple Airplay, enhancing its connectivity options.

Movie enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of the BRAVIA CORE app, which offers complimentary high-quality 4K UHD movies. Gaming enthusiasts are not left behind, as the Game Menu consolidates all gaming picture settings and exclusive assist features in one convenient location. HDMI 2.1 features such as 4K/120, VRR, and ALLM provide a high-performance gaming advantage.


PlayStation 5 users will find exclusive features optimizing picture quality for gaming and streaming, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The TV also supports Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, and more, ensuring viewers enjoy cinematic content as intended by creators.

For an immersive audio experience, the Acoustic Surface Audio and support for Dolby Atmos stand out. Actuators vibrate to produce sound from the entire screen, perfectly synchronized with on-screen action. The Acoustic Center Sync feature further reinforces the center speaker channel when used with select Sony soundbars, providing clearer, fuller dialogue and more immersive sound.

The BRAVIA XR A75L excels in upscaling capabilities, bringing back lost detail and reducing noise for HD and digital content, upscaling it to near-4K resolution with XR Clear Image and XR 4K Upscaling. Fast-moving sports and action sequences benefit from blur-free picture quality powered by XR OLED Motion.

The optional BRAVIA CAM, coupled with Ambient Optimization Pro, automatically adjusts picture and sound according to room conditions. This model also offers video chat capabilities on the big screen.

Sony emphasizes environmental consciousness with the Eco Dashboard, where all energy efficiency settings are consolidated for easy adjustment.

In terms of pricing and availability in the US, the 65" Class is priced at $1,999.99 MSRP, while the 55" Class comes in at $1,599.99 MSRP. Early October marks the start of the pre-order period, and with its impressive array of features, the Sony BRAVIA XR A75L could be a compelling choice for those seeking top-tier television technology.

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