Published On: July 7, 2010

Sound Import Gets US Distribution Rights To Wharfedale Speakers

Published On: July 7, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Sound Import Gets US Distribution Rights To Wharfedale Speakers

Sound Import will become the exclusive importer of Wharfedale speakers in the United States. Sound Import is run by Walter Schofield who is the former executive in charge of Mark Levinson, Linn and the President of Meridian.

Sound Import Gets US Distribution Rights To Wharfedale Speakers

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Walter-Schofield.gifIAG (International Audio Group) has announced the 
appointment of Sound Import, LLC in Hopedale, Massachusetts, as their exclusive U.S. distributor for the Wharfedale brand of dynamic loudspeakers. The announcement was made by Walter Schofield (Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Sound Import). As part of the new distribution agreement, industry veteran Walter Schofield, formerly with Mark Levinson, will head up sales and marketing, while Bob Springston, formerly VP of Finance with IAG America, will be responsible for operations.

"To be associated with yet another venerable brand is a true blessing for me," stated Walter Schofield. "We feel Wharfedale manufactures superior-performance products, at very reasonable price points, that will attract the attention of dealers looking to differentiate themselves from the usual suspects. Outside of their excellent audio reproduction, one thing that sets Wharfedale apart from other speaker manufacturers is that every component in every speaker, right down to the screws and crossover components within the crossovers, is built in our factory so we have total control from design to final finish. This attention to detail provides a new level of consistency from speaker to speaker, ensuring that each model will perform exactly the way it was designed."

Featuring multiple acoustic engineering advancements, Wharfedale offers an assortment within multiple series of loudspeakers for home theater, music and architectural applications. Developed for multiple room environments and applications, the line includes over 60 new speaker models with subwoofers, floor standing towers, bookshelves, center channels, surrounds, slim "decorator" series and in-wall/ceiling solutions, providing resellers with a range of solutions for their clients' home entertainment needs.

Commenting on their appointment as exclusive U.S. distributor, Bob Springston echoed Schofield's remarks: "We are proud to be associated with such a pedigreed manufacturer that offers products at the pinnacle of the price/performance category. We will work diligently to position Wharfedale as the "go-to" brand of loudspeakers in the U.S. market."

Sound Import will distribute the following Wharfedale series of speakers:

Vardus - Entry-level music/home theater series with beveled cabinets and polypropylene drivers.

Diamond - The most recognizable of all Wharfedale speaker series, with curved cabinets, Kevlar drivers, and patented cone surrounds designed to break up standing waves. This series offers models ranging from bookshelf speakers to sound Bars.

Achromatic - High gloss, piano finish in architect- and designer-centric cabinets that are wall-mountable or freestanding. Home Theater and Music enthusiasts might appreciate the versatility and appearance of this series, as well as the sound via inverted aluminum dome drivers and soft dome tweeters.

Evo - Offers Real wood veneers, Resin-impregnated raw Kevlar, soft dome tweeters, and proprietary motor/driver assemblies in lower-priced packages.

Opus - Loudspeakers designed for accuracy and a scale of presentation and dynamics, primarily due to the response, agility, and volume of air being displaced from the in-house-designed and -built drive units. This music and home theater series also offers carbon-fiber bass drivers, in-house-built soft dome midranges and voice coils designed to be lightweight and strong.

For more information in the U.S. on the complete range of Wharfedale loudspeakers, contact:

Walter Schofield, Sound Import, LLC,
Email: [email protected]

Please stop by and visit the Wharfedale booth # 730 at CEDIA 2010 in Atlanta.

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