Published On: March 15, 2024

Soundcore Sleep A20 Earbuds Announced on World Sleep Day

Published On: March 15, 2024
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Soundcore Sleep A20 Earbuds Announced on World Sleep Day

In celebration of World Sleep Day, Soundcore introduces its newest solution for restful sleep: the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds.

Soundcore Sleep A20 Earbuds Announced on World Sleep Day

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In celebration of World Sleep Day (yup, you have a good excuse in case you overslept for work today), Soundcore, a subsidiary of Anker Innovations, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds. This release marks the second generation of sleep-focused earbuds from the renowned audio brand, following the success of the Sleep A10 model introduced in 2022.

Designed to address the common sleep disturbances experienced by many, the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds offer an array of features aimed at promoting restful sleep and improving overall sleep quality. Unlike traditional active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, the Sleep A20 employs a unique passive noise isolation mechanism, effectively blocking out disruptive sounds that may interfere with sleep, such as snoring partners or ambient noise.

One of the main features of the Sleep A20 is its enhanced noise rejection capability, boasting up to three times better noise isolation compared to its predecessor. This is achieved through the innovative twin-seal ear tips, which create a secure seal within the ear canal, which should effectively minimize external disturbances.

Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds and charging case.

Moreover, the Sleep A20 earbuds are ergonomically designed to cater to the needs of side sleepers, featuring a curved profile that ensures optimal comfort and a pressure-free fit, even during extended periods of use. The earbuds' low-profile design prevents them from protruding uncomfortably from the ears, making them ideal for bedtime use.

To further improve the sleeping experience, the Soundcore Sleep A20 offers a variety of sound options, including white noise and customizable alarm tones, accessible via the Soundcore companion app. Additionally, users can seamlessly switch between Sleep mode, which conserves battery life by disabling Bluetooth connectivity, and Music mode, allowing for uninterrupted music playback during sleep.

Battery life has seen a significant improvement with the Sleep A20, offering up to 14 hours of continuous playback in Sleep mode and 10 hours in Music mode, ensuring ample coverage throughout the night. The inclusion of a charging case extends the total playtime to an impressive 80 hours, providing users with added convenience and peace of mind.

The earpieces of the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds feature a twin-seal ear tip and a low-profile design.

In line with the company's commitment to innovation and user-centric design, the Soundcore Sleep A20 introduces several new features, including automatic sleep monitoring with position tracking and an earbud finder function. These additions aim to provide users with comprehensive insights into their sleep patterns while offering practical solutions to common sleep-related challenges.

Key Features: 

  • Enhanced noise rejection with twin-seal ear tips
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable side sleeping
  • Low-profile earbuds for minimal protrusion
  • Dual modes: Sleep mode for preinstalled sounds and Music mode for Bluetooth streaming
  • Extended battery life: up to 14 hours in Sleep mode and 10 hours in Music mode
  • Charging case extends total playtime to 80 hours
  • Automatic sleep monitoring with position tracking
  • Audible alert for earbud retrieval
  • Customizable alarm tones
  • Compatible with the Soundcore companion app for personalized settings and insights

The Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds are now available for pre-order through Kickstarter, with early backers enjoying exclusive discounts of up to 40%. Following the crowdfunding campaign, the earbuds will be widely available for purchase on platforms such as Amazon, priced at $149.99. For more information and special offers, interested individuals can visit the Soundcore website.

Meanwhile, the Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds are on sale for $89.99 at Amazon, representing a generous 47% reduction from their initial price of $169.99.

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