Published On: September 23, 2008

SpeakerCraft Launches New 3-inch In-Ceiling Speaker

Published On: September 23, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SpeakerCraft Launches New 3-inch In-Ceiling Speaker

Size matters and most people are impressed by three inches but when it come to in-wall speakers - Speakercraft's Speakercraft NEAT 3 tiny speakers might be just what the doctor ordered for very specific installation needed.

SpeakerCraft Launches New 3-inch In-Ceiling Speaker

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speakercraft_neat3_news.gifSpeakerCraft just announce the launch of a small speaker designed to mimic the look of a miniature can light. The NEAT 3 has a minimal footprint and no exterior bezel.

"Looking at the popularity of small flush-mounted spotlights inspired us to design a loudspeaker to match," says Jeremy Burkhardt, SpeakerCraft's CEO. "We know that homeowners prefer speakers that are less conspicuous and the NEAT 3 is just that."

Featuring a 3-inch full-range driver, this speaker can be installed in many locations, and its diminiutive size increases its application flexibility. Due to the size of the drivers a subwoofer is recommended, such as the SpeakerCraft BassX series or the new in-wall Cinema Subs.

Sharing the same installation process as the rest of the NEAT series, the NEAT 3 uses a two-piece bracket that snaps together inside the wall and is secured with drywall screws through the wall's surface. Mudding up to the bracket provides a clean edge that, after finished paint, leaves only the grill exposed.

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