Published On: September 18, 2011

SRIus Importers Becomes the Exclusive Importer for Screen Research

Published On: September 18, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SRIus Importers Becomes the Exclusive Importer for Screen Research

A year ago, Screen Research merged with Adeo Screens to help preserve the future of the company. Now, Adeo has found a distributor to further secure the future of the Screen Research brand.

SRIus Importers Becomes the Exclusive Importer for Screen Research

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screen_research_logo.jpgAdeo Screen, a subsidiary of Adeo Group and manufacturer of the Screen Research product brand, has entered into a partnership to serve the Americas by concluding an exclusive distributor agreement with SRIus Importers Limited. SRIus Importers will handle all sales, marketing and distribution services for the Adeo product lines. This new partnership announced today will give the brand the needed logistical support in the Americas.

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The Screen Research acquisition by Adeo Screen was a year ago, thus providing the brand long-term financial stability, and improvement in industrial capabilities. This alliance has strengthened both brand positions in the market, and we now look to leverage these strengths through this new partnership in the Americas.

According to Adeo Screen, this alliance provides another major step in the reinstatement and resurgence of the Screen Research brand. Screen Research was founded with the mission of delivering the highest quality product featuring the latest in state of the art material and technologies.

From Yves Trélohan, President of International Sales and Marketing for Screen Research and Adeo Screen; Founder of Screen Research:

"We have succeeded in positioning Adeo Screen as delivering high quality products in the most competitive and challenging price sensitive market segments in Europe. This addition of Screen Research has delivered that same level of quality in the high-end "Reference" and "Custom" markets. This partnership with SRIus Importers Limited in the Americas will only strengthen our worldwide position by adding localized expertise to an already established portfolio of "Best in Class" products."

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