Published On: March 6, 2009

Stewart Filmscreen Adds A Stylish New Addition: The Cabaret Screen

Published On: March 6, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Stewart Filmscreen Adds A Stylish New Addition: The Cabaret Screen

Stewart's Cabaret video screen is the first in their lineup of video screens that speaks specifically to the lifestyle driven client who wants to highlight the tech elements of their home including a roll-down front video screen.

Stewart Filmscreen Adds A Stylish New Addition: The Cabaret Screen

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Stewart Filmscreen recently announces the launch of the all new Cabaret Screen, an exciting and stylish addition to their line of electric retractable screens for applications where the screen housing is exposed.

This is the first Stewart retractable screen created especially for the lifestyle customer. With a beautiful new housing, the Cabaret Screen offers an innovative approach to roll down screens. It's perfect for creating media rooms in dens, recreation rooms or any living space within the home. The stylish removable aluminum valance comes in various finishes, and can be customized with the color or fabric of the client's choosing. Customization can either be done on site or at Stewart's factory. Its sleek and contemporary design makes it possible to install a front projection system into any size space, with any décor and even though it is exposed it can seamlessly blend into the environment. The expandable and interchangeable design of the Cabaret Screen allows for future creativity.

In addition to being a beautiful enhancement to any multimedia environment, the Cabaret Screen is constructed to make installation quick and easy with level bubbles included. Also, the sliding adjustable wall-mount bracket allows installers to make adjustments from the front. A cable management system is built-into the frame to ensure an uncluttered appearance hiding power and home automation connections. The ease and flexibility of installation extends to the motor unit as well, giving installers the option of using any motor they choose including Lutron QS and Legacy 120v quiet motors.

For rooms where both a flat panel TV and retractable front screen are desired, a special mount allows the Cabaret Screen to be installed above a flat panel TV or picture frame. The optional mount has a cantilevered design so that the screen is deployed without touching the flat panel TV.

Mood lighting is also available in cobalt blue or white, which slightly illuminates the room for a more comfortable viewing experience. The stylish and designer friendly Cabaret Screen compliments Stewart's exclusive window treatments - the Ambience Shade for controlling ambient light or the AcoustiShade, which also blocks exterior noise.

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