Published On: September 24, 2012

Stewart Filmscreen Introduces DC-100 Screen with Slimmer Profile

Published On: September 24, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Stewart Filmscreen Introduces DC-100 Screen with Slimmer Profile

Stewart Filmscreen has continued to expand the company's Director's Choice line of projector screens with the DC-100, the slimmest profile yet for the line. Stewart Filmscreen showcased the screen at CEDIA 2012.

Stewart Filmscreen Introduces DC-100 Screen with Slimmer Profile

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Stewart-Filmscreen-DC-100-screen-small.jpgStewart Filmscreen recently announced their new DC-100 screen, a marriage of the best screen material and precise masking system. The DC-100 represents an improvement to Director's Choice and Director's Choice 2.0 systems up to a 14' image width. Upgrades include full horizontal masking closure, and a slimmer frame structure.

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DC-100 sports a 10" frame profile all around and 10" of depth. This slimmer profile allows for the maximum possible screen area within a given room dimension. As an added feature, the horizontal masking on the new DC-100 fully closes, protecting the screen from dust and other debris when not in use. DC-100 is compatible with Stewart Filmscreen's flexible front projection screen materials, including their newest 3D screens. Electronically controlled masking panels on all Director's Choice models, including DC-100, can be integrated with most home automation systems.

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