Published On: October 19, 2010

Stewart Filmscreen Releases the Silver 5D Screen Material

Published On: October 19, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Stewart Filmscreen Releases the Silver 5D Screen Material

Stewart Filmscreen is out with a new film material called Silver 5D. While it doesn't do 5D because 5D doesn't exist you have to give them some credit for a creative name as what's better than 3D? 4D right? Well Stewart sells 5D. That's even better than 4D.

Stewart Filmscreen Releases the Silver 5D Screen Material

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Stewart Filmscreen just announced Silver 5D, a fabric that offers passive 3D polarization while maintaining performance for 2D sources. Reportedly, it preserves the performance of Stewart's Silver 3D fabric while improving uniformity, reducing hot spotting and offering a significantly wider viewing cone.

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Stewart reported that they have applied a huge effort in R&D in developing an improved polarization preserving screen technology with reduced artifacts that allows a single screen material to function more adequately with non-polarized 2D projected source material.

The Silver 5D material has been designed to be compatible with Stewart's CineCurve, Director's Choice masking systems, and all other premium Stewart fixed mounting systems.

Available in seamless sizes up to 40 feet by 90 feet, Stewart plans to roll out this new hybrid fabric over the next quarter with fixed frame units available the fourth quarter of 2010. MicroPerforated Silver 5D products are planned for the first quarter of 2011. Suggested retail of a typical application of the Silver 5D that includes a ten-foot wide 2.40:1 CineCurve with 2-way AcoustiMask system with MicroPerfing will be $19,799.

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