Stewart Filmscreens Luxus Deluxe Screenwall Reviewed

Stewart Filmscreens Luxus Deluxe Screenwall Reviewed

If you've had your heart set on getting a Stewart Filmscreen but can't quite afford their higher end products set your sights on their Luxus Delux Screen Wall for it's the perfect blend of performance and affordability. Read the review here.


When it comes to state of the art home theater screens there is but one name in the game, Stewart Filmscreen. The Luxus Delux Screenwall is a step up from Stewart’s entry level fixed screen offering. The Luxus can be had in 16:9, 4:3 or 2:35 aspect ratios and ranges in size (diagonally) from 60 to 135 inches. A three and one quarter inch aluminum frame wrapped in VeLux finish frames the Luxus’ screen. There is a black-matte finish available at an additional cost. The Luxus’ can be had in a variety of screen materials including Stewart’s own Microperf X2 and Cinemaperf screens that allow for in-wall speakers to be placed directly behind the screen for a true movie theater like appearance.

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High Points
• The Luxus screen is a true high performance fixed aspect ratio screen that offers a lot in terms of quality so long as you don’t need features like masking or electronic drop down.
• The sizeable frame, with its VeLux finish, traps all of the light and combats over-scan improving perceived contrast, for vivid, lifelike images.
• The quick-snap system keeps the screen material perfectly taut for a wrinkle free image.
• The EZ-mount wall brackets make assembly, mounting and positioning a snap even for the DIY’er.

Low Points
• While affordable, for a Stewart Filmscreen, the Luxus Deluxe doesn’t differ much from its cheaper sibling the Luxus Screenwall, other than the width of the frame and one added screen material.
• With any fixed screen, especially one like the Luxus, you need to choose your aspect ratio carefully. For today’s modern enthusiast a 16:9 aspect ratio screen should serve most users needs appropriately.

While there are cheaper fixed screens available today none come with the pedigree or image quality you’re bound to find with a genuine Stewart Filmscreen. While a bit light on features, the Luxus is another premium offering from Stewart. The Luxus makes sure you get the most for your money where it counts, on the screen.

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