Become A Hands-On Product Reviewer is looking for hands-on product reviewers to join our team. We offer a tiered pay structure based on experience and tenure, access to the latest products and direct communications with best-in-class brands and manufacturers. Pay starts at $100 per review, and goes up to $500 for complex products written by experienced experts.

You will be shipped the products for an evaluation period and be expected to return the products to the manufacturer.

Some of our past writers have become industry leaders, including:

  • Mark Henninger, previously Managing Editor, current Managing Editor of Stereophile
  • Andrew Robinson, past Editor, current YouTube Influencer
  • Brent Butterworth, past Writer, current writer at NY Times Wirecutter
  • John Higgins, past Writer, current Managing Editor @ Reviewed by USA Today
  • Dennis Burger, past Editor, current Editor Soundstage Access

Join our team as we embrace new trends and culture. We aim to create unbiased and accurate reviews that educate, entertain, and provide context and comparisons so readers are more informed and able to spend wisely on their technology purchases.

Our expectations are reasonable and we will provide training:

  • Hands-on evaluation and testing
  • Writing articles in a timely fashion
  • Accepting requests for revisions
  • Working in Google Docs and Slack

Application Form:

Product Reviewer Interview
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