SunBriteTV Veranda SB-6574UHD Outdoor UHD TV Reviewed

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SunBriteTV Veranda SB-6574UHD Outdoor UHD TV Reviewed

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Here are the measurement charts for the SunBriteTV SB-6574UHD TV, created by AVICAL using Portrait Displays' Spectracal CalMAN software. These measurements show how close the display gets to our current HDTV standards. Click on each photo to view the graph in a larger window.


The top charts show the projector's color balance, gamma, and total gray-scale Delta Error, below and after calibration. Ideally, the red, green, and blue lines will be as close together as possible to reflect a neutral color/white balance. The SB-6574UHD's Movie mode has a solid color balance before calibration, with only a slightly warm (red) emphasis, and it's more neutral after calibration. The maximum gray-scale Delta Error before calibration was 11.12, due mostly to the skewed gamma. We currently use a gamma target of 2.2 for HDTVs and 2.4 for projectors. After calibration, the gamma average was 2.18, and the max Delta Error was an excellent 1.2.

The bottom charts show where the six color points fall on the Rec 709 triangle, as well as the luminance error and total Delta Error for each color point. Red was the least accurate color before calibration, with a Delta Error of 8.7. That's not too bad for this type of TV. Color calibration had mixed results, improving the Delta Error of some colors while worsening it for others.

For both gray scale and color, a Delta Error under 10 is considered tolerable, under five is considered good, and under three is considered imperceptible to the human eye. For more information on our measurement process, check out How We Evaluate and Measure HDTVs.

The Downside
There's no RS-232 or IP control of this set, only IR pass-through. Given the custom nature of this TV category, I was blown away by such an omission. The dealer who's going to sell this is going to want to control it using Savant, Control4, or in my case Crestron. RS-232 is an age-old, trusted way of connecting an AV component. IP control works well, too. The SB-6574UHD will be tougher to control in an automated home system.

Many of today's remote controls are lame, but the SunBriteTV one is really rough. I recommend that you use something else. The internal menus also are a bit tough to navigate.

As I mentioned, this is not a smart TV, with a ton of apps. I'm okay with this, since an Apple TV or Roku can do a better job than any smart TV.

HDR support is becoming more common on UHD TVs. Many traditional $3,500 indoor TVs have it, but the SB-6574UHD doesn't. Would it make a difference outside? I'm not sure, but I would have liked to try it out.

Comparison and Competition
I found another company that makes Ultra HD outdoor TVs called Skyvue, which sells a 65-inch set for nearly twice the price of this SunBriteTV UHD TV. They claim the set is impact-resistant, perhaps more so than the SunBriteTV. Skyvue says that its TVs are made in the USA. I don't think any company makes actual video panels in the U.S.; they are either from Asia or Mexico. Perhaps Skyvue TVs are assembled here, and so are SunBriteTV TVs. I'd like to take a longer look at Skyvue perhaps at next year's CEDIA show in San Diego or at a local retailer. They do have a pricey 80-inch set that looks cool. SunBriteTV showed an 85-inch TV at CEDIA that was upwards of $25,000 in price. That's a little strong for my outdoor budget.

While I did it for a short time, I don't recommend using a traditional HDTV outside. Even people who live in temperate climates like parts of Southern California still deal with moisture, humidity, spats of high heat, and dirt/dust. Traditional TVs just aren't designed for the type of abuse that outdoor installations offer. You can roll the dice, but don't cry if a new $1,000 set craps out on you in weeks or months, and a retailer won't honor the warranty.

The SunBriteTV SB-6574UHD is a unique product for a specific yet exciting application. It brings the luxury of Ultra HD video to the great outdoors with a level of toughness that a traditional TV can't offer. While not cheap, the SB-6574UHD is half the price of its outdoor TV competition, so it's a relatively good value.

You don't necessarily have to calibrate a set like the SB-6574UHD, but you should at least choose a picture mode like "Movie" to get the most accurate image. Some people might prefer the maximum brightness, but there is a lot of performance to be had when the SB-6574UHD is set to more accurate levels.

Overall, the SunBriteTV SB-6574UHD is a very cool $3,500 toy for your backyard. You will get hours of enjoyment for music, movies, sports, and beyond without worry of failure. The performance is strong, and the good times it will bring you for years to come is likely well worth the $3,500 investment. 

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