Published On: October 1, 2008

DNP Supernova Screens Provide Beaming Video In Bright Rooms

Published On: October 1, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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DNP Supernova Screens Provide Beaming Video In Bright Rooms

In the days when CRT video projectors roamed the earth - you needed "stacked" nine-inch projectors perfectly calibrated and installed in a pitch dark room in order to get a state of the art video image. dnp has changed all of that with their new Supernova screens

DNP Supernova Screens Provide Beaming Video In Bright Rooms

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dnp-epic-videoscreen.gifdnp denmark, a supplier of optical screen technology, will demonstrate its Supernova projection screens at CEDIA Expo booth 357 in Denver, September 4-7, 2008. The screens, which come in a variety of configurations, feature dnp denmark's proprietary Supernova Optical Screen Technology. This allows the viewer to experience contrast ratios up to 10 times better than those available with standard screens, while reducing distracting artifacts such as bright spots, dark corners, and shimmer in their home theater.

"Our Supernova Optical Screen Technology allows consumers to watch movies and experience gaming in any environment without having to make accommodations for darkness or ambient light," said Manfred Freiberger, senior account manager of dnp denmark US. "The perfect projection screen solution for today's home theater, our proprietary screen material enhances contrast without creating an optical illusion like traditional standard screens; the result is a true white and a darker gray."

Supernova Screens are based on a high-contrast filter that allows the projected image to be reflected from the screen head-on, while effectively absorbing light from other sources such as ceiling lights. As a result, the Supernova Screen is virtually unaffected by ambient light while also performing equally well in a dark environment. This design allows Supernova Screens to deliver high contrast levels, in all environments, allowing viewing of daytime sporting events, gaming and movies in a room with or without ambient lighting without washed out images.

Each screen is made with seven high-tech layers that include:

- Unique optical lens film to reduce the impact of ambient light and thereby ensure better image contrast
- Technologically advanced reflection layer for revolutionary horizontal half-gain angles up to +/- 85 degrees
- Black color layer
- Hard surface coating for screen scratch resistance and easy handling and a no-shimmer image

ISF Certified

dnp denmark's Supernova 08-85 screen material has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation• (ISF) for its image quality. This means the product exceeds the high-standard benchmarks that define the best video performance available for consumers. With a horizontal half-gain of 85 degrees, Supernova 08-85 provides an image with full 180 degrees of viewing.

Models Available for Every Application

The following Supernova Screen models are on display at dnp denmark's CEDIA Expo booth:

84" Supernova Core

Ideal for use in home theaters, the Supernova Core offers two types of screen materials: the Supernova 08-85 for high-contrast and extreme viewing angles, or Supernova 20-20 for ultra-high contrast and high brightness. Product features include:

- High contrast, black levels
- Easy to assemble and install
- Economical frame construction
- Screen sizes up to 120" in 16:9 and 100" in 4:3 format
- ISF-certified screen material available
- Wall-mounts included
- Affordable price

84" Supernova Flex (Retractable)

The retractable Supernova Flex combines the Supernova Screen technology with a space-saving design. Product features include:

- Quick and easy retraction, remote control with 3-speed settings
- Floating image - no drapings or tensioning cables
- Compatible with all standard main voltages and plugs for worldwide use
- Wide viewing angles
- Available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats in sizes up to 100"
- Screen cover color options include black, white, silver-grey aluminum, blond maple, cherry wood and a paintable cover
- Standard communication: IR remote, RS-232 serial, 12v trigger and wall switch
- Universal learning remote to additionally control other AV devices

84" Supernova Flex (Ceiling Mounted)

The Supernova Flex ceiling mounted version provides above-the-ceiling housing for the Supernova Flex Screen allowing the screen to be protected from dust and particles and hidden when not in use. This mount system provides storage and easy access to the screen. Product features include:

- Housing installed during construction
- Available to fit all current screen sizes
- Above-the-ceiling housing - screen is completely hidden away when not in use
- Housing in any color
- Changeable cover

132" Supernova Epic

The Supernova Epic maintains a constant image height as in a movie theater, and the Supernova Epic's motorized masking system is fully adjustable. Product features include:

- Curved screen design
- Widescreen reproduction of movies
- Silent operation of masking curtain
- Constant image height
- IR remote with 5 preset formats and 2 custom formats

Talking Points:

- dnp denmark will showcase its award-winning line of Supernova projection screens in booth #357 at CEDIA 2008
- Offer up to 10 times the contrast of traditional standard screens for performance in brightly-lit and dark environments
- dnp denmark Supernova 08-85 screen material has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)
- Supernova Flex is a retractable, motorized low-gain front projection screen
- Supernova Flex is now available in a ceiling mounted version
- Supernova Core is ideal for home theaters

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