SurgeX Keeps the Lights On and Your Power Clean

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SurgeX Keeps the Lights On and Your Power Clean

SurgeX has released a new line of UPS + Isolation Transformers, which consists of three models. All three are available for both commercial and residential use, with power ratings from 1,440VA to 2,760VA. The UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO, and the UPS-3000-Li-ISO all have a fast outage response time and can be used not only for continuous power during an outage, but also to provide day-to-day clean, stable power. The new line will be discussed in-depth at the virtual CEDIA Expo 2020.

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Find out more about the new UPS + Isolation Transformers:

SurgeX, a leader in advanced power protection, diagnostic intelligence, remote monitoring, and cloud solutions, introduces its new family of UPS solutions with built-in Isolation Transformers ahead of CEDIA Expo Virtual 2020. Built to combine line interactive technology and a continuous power supply solution with power conditioning, the UPS + Isolation Transformers create a complete power management solution for any installation. Available in three models to suit various power environments, the cost-effective solutions bring all the benefits of a low-impedance isolation transformer to the rack, coupled with a true sine wave line interactive UPS to filter, condition, and stabilize power.

An isolation transformer is designed to eliminate neutral-ground voltage, reducing lockups and downtime for sensitive electronic systems and AV equipment. With these new UPS + Isolation Transformers, a new neutral-ground bond is established at the rack, rather than at the main breaker panel, to ensure clean power is supplied to connected electronic equipment. The UPSs prevent high-frequency electrical noise and voltage from affecting performance and deliver clean, fully conditioned power free of harmonics and common mode noise to guarantee optimal performance and reliability. 

Each UPS + Isolation Transformer is suitable for both residential and commercial applications with the flexibility and strength to manage environments from 1440VA to 2760VA. The new solutions are so compact that they can be rack mounted. Virtually silent, they are an ideal match for home theaters, audio systems, and other sound-reliant environments. Beyond this, the UPS + Isolation Transformer provides a fast outage response time, 0.9 output power factor with true sine-wave output, advanced SNMP communication capability, user-friendly GUI interface and diagnostics, an auto battery test, and hot-swappable battery. 

When AC electricity fails, the UPS uses its internal, maintenance-free battery to supply reserved power to connected equipment with 4mS transfer time. The device can be used as more than just a continuous power and conditioning solution and leveraged to ensure a proper power foundation by establishing a safely managed interface between the grid and connected equipment. Completely isolating connected equipment from the grid and other electronic loads that can pollute the branch circuit offers a better experience for end users and a reduction in service calls for integrators.  

"The SurgeX product line is all-encompassing. No matter what the client's power needs are, we have the right solution," said Lauren Simmen, Director of Marketing for SurgeX. "Being under the AMETEK umbrella means we can knowledge-, resource-, and technology-share with other AMETEK brands, and the UPS + Isolation Transformers are an excellent representation of this union. We are now able to offer yet another superior power solution that merges all the benefits of a large format UPS combined with isolation transformer technology, integrated into a compact form factor that is rack mountable. From a reliable power foundation to conditioning, diagnostics, and surge suppression, SurgeX supports the full spectrum of needs for any installation." 

The UPS + Isolation Transformers are available now in three models: UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO, UPS-3000-Li-ISO. Interested integrators can reach out to their SurgeX representative for pricing and model recommendations, or learn more at CEDIA Expo Virtual 2020 here.

For the full list of specs and more information on SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformers, visit

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