Published On: August 10, 2023

Surround Sound Systems on Sale in August 2023: Save Up To $900!

Published On: August 10, 2023
Last Updated on: August 14, 2023
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Surround Sound Systems on Sale in August 2023: Save Up To $900!

Don't miss the unique opportunity to purchase premium surround sound systems on sale in August 2023.

Surround Sound Systems on Sale in August 2023: Save Up To $900!

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If you're seeking to elevate your home entertainment to the next level, now is the perfect time. This August, we browsed the selection of top-notch surround sound systems to find the best prices for you.

From Klipsch and Denon to their top competitors Focal, SVS, and Polk Audio, these brands have slashed the prices of their surround sound system assortment. This is your chance to save up to $904.00 on your home theater sound setup! Dive into the world of immersive audio with these exceptional options. 

Surround Sound SystemDiscounted PriceOriginal PriceYou Save
Sony HT-A3000 Home Theater Bundle$1,244.00$1,444.00$200.00
Enclave Audio CineHome Pro Bundle$1,439.99$1,799.99$360.00
Denon Home Surround Sound Bundle $1,484.00$1,746.00$262.00
Heco Home Theater Package$1,899.00$2,715.00$816.00 
Focal Aria Surround Speakers$659.00 $1,099.00$440.00 
Klipsch Reference Premiere RP8060F II 5.0 System $3,642.00$4,546.00 $904.00 
SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 System$1,199.99$1,474.94$274.95 
Polk Audio Signature Elite Platinum Home Theater System$2,199.00 $2,894.00$695.00

Sony HT-A3000 SA-SW3-SA-RS3S Home Theater Bundle

Original Price: $1,444.00

Discounted Price: $1,244.00

Sony HT-A3000 Sound System Bundle

Transform your space into a cinematic haven with the Sony HT-A3000 bundle. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this bundle includes a soundbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers for a truly enveloping audio reproduction. Moreover, the 360 Reality Audio technology will endure an immersive auditory experience. 

The powerful subwoofer ensures deep, rumbling bass, while the rear speakers create a genuine surround sound feel. Get ready for an audio adventure that transports you right into the heart of your entertainment at just $1,244.00

Enclave Audio CineHome PRO

Original Price: $1,799.99

Discounted Price: $1,439.99 

Enclave Audio CineHome

The Enclave Audio CineHome PRO offers hassle-free wireless connectivity and uncompromising audio quality. With THX certification, you can expect a theater-grade experience right at home. In addition, the wireless speakers communicate seamlessly, eliminating the need for complicated wiring setups. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in true 5.1 surround sound that brings every movie scene to life with impressive detail and clarity. The CineHome PRO ensures that every whisper and explosion is delivered with precision and impact. Grab your Enclave CineHome bundle now for $1,439.99, discounted from $1,799.99! 

Denon Home Sound Bar 550 Surround Sound Bundle

Original Price: $1,746.00 

Discounted Price: $1,484.00

Denon Surround Sound System with Sound Bar 550

The popular surround sound setup by Denon is now on discount, making this the perfect moment to upgrade your home theater. Its high-quality soundstage and included subwoofer create a dynamic atmosphere for your favorite movies and music. Plus, this sound system comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support so that you'll experience audio that moves all around you. 

The included subwoofer also adds depth to every sound, making explosions thunder, and music resonate. Last but not least, the sleek design of the soundbar complements any room while delivering powerful and balanced sound. Don't miss your chance to save money and purchase this setup at just $1,484.00

Heco Home Theater Package

Original Price: $2,715.00

Discounted Price: $1,899.00 

Heco Home Theater Package

Immerse yourself in lifelike sound with the Heco Home Theater Package. Carefully curated speakers ensure an authentic and rich audio experience that brings your content to life. 

The package includes floor-standing front speakers for clear vocals and impactful midrange, complemented by a center speaker that enhances dialogue. The rear speakers create an enveloping soundstage, and the powerful subwoofer adds a deep, resonating bass that adds excitement to your movie nights. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get this excellent home theater sound setup! 

Focal Aria SR900 Surround Speakers Pair

Original Price: 1,099.00 

Discounted Price: $659.00

Focal Aria Surround Speakers

Focal's Aria SR900 Surround Speakers are a masterpiece of audio engineering, delivering precise and detailed soundscapes that enhance any movie or music genre. Crafted with Focal's signature attention to detail, these speakers provide a clear and open soundstage, allowing you to hear every nuance of your content. 

Designed to complement any room decor, the Aria SR900 speakers are a blend of aesthetics and high-quality performance. And since this model has been discounted for $440.00 right now, now would be a great time to snatch it.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060F II 5.0 Dolby Atmos Home Theater System

Original Price: $4,546.00 

Discounted Price: $3,642.00 

Klipsch Reference Premiere Surround Sound Bundle

The Klipsch Reference Premiere system offers Dolby Atmos support for a truly three-dimensional audio experience. Clear, powerful sound will make you feel like you're part of the action. 

Furthermore, the floor-standing front speakers provide dynamic audio with strong bass and crisp highs. With Klipsch's Tractrix horn technology, you'll experience precise and detailed sound that captures every note and whisper. Despite the higher price point, this sound system has unbeatable value for money, and this is definitely even more so with the current discount.

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1

Original Price: $1,474.94 

Discounted Price: $1,199.99

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Sound System

The SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 system combines compact design with impressive performance. These satellites and the subwoofer deliver punchy bass and clear dialogue for an immersive movie night. The satellite speakers are designed to blend seamlessly into your room, and the subwoofer's low-frequency power adds depth to explosions and music. 

With Prime Elevation speakers, you can even add height channels for an even more captivating audio experience. Get yours today at just $1,199.99!  

Polk Audio Signature Elite Platinum Home Theater System

Original Price: $2,894.00 

Discounted Price: $2,199.00 

Polk Audio Signature Sound System

Experience refined audio with the Polk Audio Signature Elite Platinum System. Its meticulous craftsmanship and powerful sound ensure an unparalleled home theater adventure. 

This home theater sound system stands out from the rest because of its floor-standing front speakers, which produce clear vocals and dynamic sound, while the center channel speaker enhances dialogue. Additionally, the surround speakers create an enveloping atmosphere, and the subwoofer adds impactful bass that makes your movies and music come alive. Get your Polk Audio Signature Bundle, starting at $2,199.00

Elevate Your Home Theater At Slashed Prices! 

Renowned brands such as Denon, Focal, Klipsch, SVS and Polk Audio just slashed their prices for a limited time, so August is the perfect month to equip your home entertainment with these extraordinary surround sound systems. Don't miss out on the chance to create an immersive audio experience that will leave you in awe. Secure your ultimate home theater setup today! 

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