Published On: April 2, 2019

SVS Announces Prime Pinnacle Loudspeaker

Published On: April 2, 2019
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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SVS Announces Prime Pinnacle Loudspeaker

SVS has announced the release of its new Prime Pinnacle speaker, which, as you probably guessed from the name, takes its position proudly at the top of the Prime lineup (which also includes the recently reviewed Prime Wireless Speaker System)....

SVS Announces Prime Pinnacle Loudspeaker

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SVS has announced the release of its new Prime Pinnacle speaker, which, as you probably guessed from the name, takes its position proudly at the top of the Prime lineup (which also includes the recently reviewed Prime Wireless Speaker System).

The new floorstander features a 5.25-inch glass-fiber composite midrange driver and a trio of 6.5-inch bass drivers plus a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter, with a unique three-way crossover and a distinctive triple-ported design. Frequency response is rated at 29Hz-25kHz (+/-3dB), and retail pricing is $799.99 each for premium Black Ash and $899.99 each for Piano Gloss Black finish.

More details directly from SVS:

SVS, manufacturer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories, proudly announces the SVS Prime Pinnacle speaker. The ultimate expression of what SVS sought to accomplish with its Prime Series speakers, Prime Pinnacle delivers audiophile refinement and musicality without sacrificing wide dynamic range; deep, effortless bass and all the excitement of a world-class loudspeaker.

Deploying multiple cost-no-object design elements, Prime Pinnacle features an all-new driver array with all-new 5.25-inch midrange, three 6.5-inch woofers housed in separate ported sub-enclosures and a high-performance 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. Prime Pinnacle's all-new midrange includes a glass-fiber composite cone and other design elements from the reference SVS Ultra Series speakers to ensure an expansive soundstage with accuracy, slam and impact.

Prime Pinnacle's trio of woofers deliver massive output and impressive low frequency extension to lay the sonic foundation for all audio content. Engineered to convey the full thrill and excitement of cinematic blockbusters yet refined enough to render the pluck of a bass guitar string and subtlest musical details with convincing realism, Prime Pinnacle delivers a bold full-range listening experience with all audio content. By using three 6.5-inch woofers, each with its own 2-inch port, the new floorstanding speaker effortlessly conveys LFEs and musical bass, while maintaining a slim, room-friendly footprint.

Three unique port tuning frequencies and separate sub-enclosures for the trio of 6.5-inch woofers epitomize the no compromise approach taken with Prime Pinnacle. This design ensures all drivers blend seamlessly together so you get silky-smooth transitions from the midrange to woofers as well as accurate frequency response, audiophile refinement and crisp speed in transients; all without sacrificing deep, room-energizing bass.

Crystal clear highs with lifelike realism emanate from the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. Light and efficient, the tweeter's airy' presentation effortlessly reveals musical and cinematic details with unerring clarity and accuracy, even at reference volume. The FEA-optimized diffuser ensures broad dispersion for a wide and convincing soundstage with pinpoint on- and off-axis frequency response so everyone in a home theater or listening room is treated to the same world-class audio experience.

Unique to SVS, the SoundMatch 3-Way crossover is tuned so each driver; from tweeter to midrange and midrange to woofers, blends seamlessly for an expansive soundstage with accurate frequency response, precise imaging and the largest "sweet spot" possible. The crossover's topology is consistent with all SVS speakers so Prime Pinnacle is timbre-matched to integrate with any speaker from the acclaimed Prime or Ultra Series for the ultimate flexibility when building a home theater speaker system.

Sonically inert and rigidly braced, Prime Pinnacle's cabinet includes four self-contained, acoustically tuned internal chambers to eliminate any potential for resonances or sonic artifacts. Tapered edges on the Prime Tower speaker's front baffle, known as chamfers, and flush-mounted drivers minimize edge diffraction for a clear and precise soundstage, while features like shorting rings and a tweeter diffuser provide acoustic enhancements with modern, high-end visual appeal.

"When we set out to design the Prime Pinnacle speaker, it was supposed to be a straightforward execution that came as close to the performance of our reference Ultra Tower as possible, but in a more room-friendly cabinet design at a lower price," said Gary Yacoubian, President, SVS. "The reality is, we spent more time voicing Prime Pinnacle than any speaker in SVS history so it would be equally suited for the demands of discerning audiophiles and hardcore home theater fans. To go even further, Prime Pinnacle's profile had to blend seamlessly and sound amazing in any listening environment. The dedication paid off because it truly stands alone at its price and well beyond.

A classically striking tower speaker design, Prime Pinnacle has a rated bandwidth of 29Hz-25kHz (+/-3dB) and features 5-way binding posts and a cloth grille with pin/cup retention system. The floorstanding speaker comes in a stunning Piano Gloss Black finish or premium Black Ash wood grain finish.

Pricing for the Prime Pinnacle speakers is $799.99 each for the premium Black Ash and $899.99 each for the Piano Gloss Black finish, both are available now.

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