SVS Announces Multi-purpose Prime Elevation Speaker

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SVS-Prime-Elevation.jpgIn April of 2016, SVS will launch the new Prime Elevation speaker. This compact, trapezoidal speaker can fill a variety of surround sound roles, from a down-firing height channel to an up-firing Atmos channel to a traditional front, center, or surround speaker that can be set up in a less traditional way. The Prime Elevation is voiced to match other SVS speakers, features a one-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 4.5-inch polypropylene cone woofer, and will sell for $349/pair.

From SVS
Back with another class-defining audio concept, Youngstown, Ohio's SVS announces its most versatile home theater speaker ever, the SVS Prime Elevation. This compact, trapezoidal speaker is primed for ceiling, on-wall, speaker stand or shelf mounting in several arrays, and it sonically punches well above its class for a speaker of its size and price. Performance and flexibility come together in this multi-purpose home theater speaker, which is highly adaptable for many different surround formats.

There is no sideways or upside down with the SVS Prime Elevation. It is acoustically engineered to offer the same detailed response and dynamics no matter what role it's playing. The speaker answers placement and setup challenges for owners who want the fidelity of an expertly designed center, surround, front or height effects speaker, from a single, affordable solution. SVS Prime Elevation can be used in the following ways:

• As a down-firing height channel speaker, easily mounted high on a side wall
• As an up-firing height channel speaker for the same formats, placed on stands or atop tower speakers
• As an up-firing or down-firing front or center channel speaker with projector screens or where level placement at ear height is not possible
• As a side- or rear-firing surround speaker, when placement on a side or rear wall is not optimal for the most convincing side or back surround effects
• A pair of Elevation speakers can be wall-mounted and wired to become a bipole or dipole surround speaker.

"Adaptability has become a major factor in loudspeaker design, especially with the rise of more immersive audio formats," said Gary Yacoubian, president, SVS. "The SVS Prime Elevation adapts to almost any home theater setup and plays a variety of roles exceptionally well. Audio enthusiasts will love all the possibilities this powerful, multi-purpose speaker affords."

Included with the SVS Prime Elevation is a secure wall bracket kit that allows the speaker to be conveniently mounted in any of four positions and easily positioned for the best possible performance depending on the application. It also features a universal mounting option with a ¼" 20TPI brass insert that works with many other kits. The SVS Prime Elevation comes in three gorgeous finishes: Gloss Black, Gloss White, and Black Ash with a hand-painted satin baffle.

Featuring a rated bandwidth of 69 Hz to 25 kHz (+/- 3dB), the SVS Prime Elevation performance compares to that of high-end bookshelf speakers, but offers many more possibilities. Outstanding crossover design and lower midrange and upper bass output allow it to blend seamlessly with subwoofers and speakers from SVS and other brands. When used in a multi-channel setup, the speakers deliver crystal clear dialogue and vocals, an enveloping soundstage and seamless sonic transitions from front to back, side to side and overhead.

As with its predecessors in the SVS Prime speaker line, the Elevation includes a precision-machined front baffle designed with chamfers to reduce tweeter diffraction, an FEA-optimized tweeter diffuser to deliver unveiled highs on- or off-axis, a cast composite ABS and Glass Fiber woofer basket, and a sophisticated crossover design for excellent frequency response across the audio spectrum. The 1" aluminum dome tweeter and 4.5" polypropylene cone woofer blend seamlessly together within the acoustically inert enclosure to provide a balanced speaker that works great for dialogue, action movie dynamics, dance music, vocals, sound effects and all other audio experiences.

Yacoubian continued, "The flexibility of the SVS Prime Elevation make it a great home theater investment because it can be used exclusively or moved around to suit different needs over time as a system grows."

The SVS Prime Elevation is sonically voiced to match with any of the company's existing speakers and subwoofers. SVS currently manufactures two full speaker lines, the Prime and Ultra Series, as well as a range of sealed, ported and cylinder subwoofers, and a line of SoundPath Audio Accessories.

The Prime Elevation will ship in April 2016 and has a target price of $349 per pair.

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