Published On: March 27, 2024

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers Launched - Our First Impressions

Published On: March 27, 2024
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SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers Launched - Our First Impressions

SVS has officially launched its latest flagship speaker series, the SVS Ultra Evolution, promising a new standard of excellence in sound reproduction.

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers Launched - Our First Impressions

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SVS, a leading manufacturer in the world of high-performance audio equipment, has once again set a new benchmark with the introduction of its flagship speaker series earlier at CES 2024, the SVS Ultra Evolution. Home Theater Review had the privilege of previewing these exceptional speakers at that time, and we're excited to offer our initial impressions now that the SVS Ultra Evolution speakers have been officially released.

The Ultra Evolution series comprises seven distinct models, catering to various needs and preferences within the realm of audio enthusiasts. Among these models are three floorstanding tower speakers, two bookshelf speakers, a three-way center channel speaker, and the versatile Ultra Elevation height effects/surround speaker. With a price range spanning from $899 to $4,999 per pair, SVS ensures that premium audio experiences are accessible across different budget levels.

SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle, Titan and Tower Loudspeakers (left to right).

At the heart of the SVS Ultra Evolution series lies an acoustically centered time alignment cabinet architecture. This innovative design ensures that sound from each driver arrives at the listener's ears simultaneously, maximizing phase coherence and creating a truly immersive soundstage. 

The curve in the front baffle aligns the tweeter and each driver on a vertical plane, resulting in pinpoint accuracy and imaging that places the listener right in the midst of the music or movie soundtrack.

SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle 3-way floorstanding speaker.

SVS has spared no expense in the development of the drivers featured in the Ultra Evolution series. A standout feature is the diamond-coated aluminum dome tweeter, a technological marvel that enhances rigidity and frequency response. Through vapor deposition, a layer of diamond carbon is grown on the surface of the aluminum dome, pushing the limits of high-frequency extension while maintaining unparalleled clarity and detail.

The midrange drivers and woofers across all models utilize glass fiber composite cones, chosen for their exceptional stiffness-to-mass ratio and ability to convey dynamics with pinpoint accuracy. Each driver is housed in a separate, acoustically tuned internal chamber, ensuring optimal separation and eliminating the potential for cabinet resonances that could detract from sonic purity.

SVS Ultra Evolution Pinnacle in gloss black finish.

SVS's expertise in subwoofer design shines through in the bass performance of the Ultra Evolution series. Tower models feature dual opposing active woofers, arranged in a force-balanced array, to deliver deep and authoritative bass response while mitigating room-induced resonances. By having multiple woofers firing in unison in different directions, the speakers fill the listening area with smooth, accurate low frequencies at any playback level.

Every aspect of the Ultra Evolution series mirrors SVS's devotion to precision engineering and craftsmanship. From chamfered front baffles that minimize edge diffraction for optimal off-axis frequency response to premium-grade capacitors, inductors, and resistors in the crossovers, no detail has been overlooked in the pursuit of sonic excellence.

SVS Ultra Evolution Center 3-way center channel speaker.

The Ultra Evolution series offers versatility in speaker placement and system integration. The Ultra Elevation speaker, designed for Dolby Atmos applications, features a multi-angle bracket for easy mounting on walls or ceilings, enhancing placement flexibility and allowing users to experience immersive surround sound with ease. 

Additionally, the timbre-matched voicing of the Ultra Evolution series ensures seamless integration with other SVS Prime and original Ultra models, enabling users to create cohesive audio systems tailored to their preferences.

SVS has priced the Ultra Evolution series competitively, making high-performance audio more accessible to enthusiasts. The lineup includes three floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf speakers, a dedicated center channel speaker, and the Ultra Elevation surround sound speaker. Prices range from $899.98 for the Ultra Evolution Nano bookshelf speakers to $4,999.98 for the flagship Ultra Evolution Pinnacle floorstanding speakers.

Technical Specifications:

ProductTweeterMidrangeWooferFrequency ResponseRecommended Amplifier PowerWeight (Unboxed)
Ultra Evolution Pinnacle1"Dual 5.25"Quad 8"24 Hz-40 kHz20 – 300 watts96.7 lbs
Ultra Evolution Titan1"Dual 4.5"Quad 6.5"27 Hz-40 kHz20 – 300 watts69.7 lbs
Ultra Evolution Tower1"Dual 4.5"Quad 5.25"30 Hz-40 kHz20 – 300 watts59.5 lbs
Ultra Evolution Bookshelf1"N/A6.5"40 Hz-40 kHz20 – 150 watts18.8 lbs
Ultra Evolution Nano1"N/A5.25"44 Hz-40 kHz20 – 150 watts13.5 lbs
Ultra Evolution Center1"4.5"Dual 6.5"40 Hz-40 kHz20 – 225 watts26.8 lbs
Ultra Elevation1"N/A5.25"48 Hz-40 kHz20 – 150 watts12.3 lbs each

“Ultra Evolution redefines what’s possible in its price range and well beyond by creating audio experiences that transcend their class and bring reference performance to more people than ever,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS President. 

I am so incredibly proud of what our design team accomplished. We really had no constraints and left no stone unturned. These new speakers represent the culmination of all our life’s work, and it shows in every aspect of design and performance. The sound is addictive, I literally can’t stop listening to them!”

SVS Ultra Evolution Nano Compact 2-way bookshelf speaker

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers Prices: 

Finish options include Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Premium Black Oak Wood Veneer. While some models are currently available for purchase, others are set to ship later in Q2. As with all SVS products, the Ultra Evolution series is backed by a five-year unconditional warranty, a 45-day in-home trial, and expert lifetime support.

SVS Ultra Evolution Speakers: Introduction & Acoustically Centered Time Alignment

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