Published On: August 4, 2023

TAD Labs Unveils the Evolution Series TAD-C1000 Preamplifier

Published On: August 4, 2023
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TAD Labs Unveils the Evolution Series TAD-C1000 Preamplifier

TAD presents AD-C1000 preamplifier as the newest addition to its Evolution Series of hi-fi audio components.

TAD Labs Unveils the Evolution Series TAD-C1000 Preamplifier

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Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD Labs), the renowned Japanese audio innovator, has introduced the latest addition to its esteemed Evolution Series of high-fidelity audio components – the TAD-C1000 Preamplifier. With a commitment to precision, purity, and sonic excellence, the TAD-C1000 promises to set a new benchmark for audio amplification without compromise.

The TAD-C1000 Preamplifier carries forward the design legacy of TAD Labs' Evolution Series, which includes acclaimed components such as the TAD-D1000TX disc player, TAD-DA1000TX DAC, and TAD-M1000 power amplifier. This preamplifier is crafted with the aim of elevating signal amplification while upholding the utmost accuracy and purity in signal processing, transmission, and output amplification.

One of the main features of the TAD-C1000 is its preamplification circuit, based on a single-stage, current-feedback amplifier initially developed for the M700 power amplifier and other TAD hi-fi devices. TAD Labs seamlessly integrated this technology into the flat amplifier section of the C1000. Selected pairs of FET devices, fine-tuned for signal equilibrium and stability, boost the preamplification circuit's performance to exceptional levels of stability.

A distinguishing feature of the TAD-C1000 is its adherence to symmetrical design principles. The center-mounted volume knob, mounted on high-precision ball bearings, exemplifies this tradition. Such symmetry extends beyond aesthetics to the circuit layout, where audio circuit patterns and components find perfectly balanced placements on the chassis' underside. 

Even power transformers, chassis construction, and rear-panel jacks are positioned to achieve optimal weight distribution and vibration balance. This dedication to symmetry ensures a unified electrical and mechanical environment for signal amplification and should result in an enhanced stereophonic impact.

TAD's signature spike-shaped feet, which provide an anchor for the sturdy C1000 chassis, play an important role in isolating external vibrations. This design, coupled with transformer mounting on 6-mm thick brass bases, should ensure that vibrations remain external, preserving the purity of audio signals and safeguarding internal components.

The pursuit of audio purity extends to the power circuit, where the direct connection of the internal transformer coil to the power supply circuit minimizes contact points with lead wires. Additionally, key components such as terminals for connected coils, motherboard mounting terminals, and clamping screws are fashioned from oxygen-free copper coated with nonmagnetic materials. These innovations should collectively curtail even the slightest magnetic distortions.

The TAD-C1000 features an electronic volume control circuit, constructed with ladder-resistance switching, that should achieve precise attenuation and low distortion levels of less than 0.0005% at 1 Vrms input. Custom-made electrolytic smoothing capacitors and ultra-low distortion film coupling capacitors in the power circuit should contribute to an extended low cut-off frequency range and enrich the audio experience.

The TAD-C1000 Preamplifier is poised for release in October 2023 and will be available through select specialty retailers at a price of $24,950.

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