Published On: January 9, 2018

TCL Announces Its 2018 UHD TV Lineup at CES

Published On: January 9, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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TCL Announces Its 2018 UHD TV Lineup at CES

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show, TCL announced details for its 2018 line of UHD TVs. The new 6-Series and 5-Series are Roku UHD TVs that support Dolby Vision HDR. A follow-up to this year's P Series, the 6-Series will...

TCL Announces Its 2018 UHD TV Lineup at CES

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TCL-Series6.jpgAt this week's Consumer Electronics Show, TCL announced details for its 2018 line of UHD TVs. The new 6-Series and 5-Series are Roku UHD TVs that support Dolby Vision HDR. A follow-up to this year's P Series, the 6-Series will be available in screen sizes of 65 and 55 inches and will feature Contrast Control Zone technology (local dimming), a new iPQ Engine, and the new HDR Pro Gamma control. The all-new step-down 5-Series will carry many of the same technologies and will be offered in screen sizes from 43 to 65 inches. All models will be released in the spring.

From TCL
TCL announced its much anticipated suite of new products at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). TCL's latest portfolio strengthens its reputation for picture performance with increased Contrast Control Zones for exceptionally bright whites and deep blacks, a new iPQ Engine for controlled and precise color reproduction, and high-dynamic range (HDR) Pro Gamma for impactful HDR performance in any environment. In addition, TCL Roku TVs will gain access to powerful new features--Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment Assistant that Roku plans to release in a software update later this year to the Roku operating system.

TCL Roku TVs launching in the North American market this year will establish updated categories for the brand. Following 2017's award-winning and well-recognized P6 Series, the 2018 6-Series will emphasize picture performance technologies and design innovation with a bold, brushed metal finish. Bringing powerful high dynamic range playback to a mainstream TV line, the brand new 5-Series will feature Dolby Vision HDR imaging combined with striking wide color powered by TCL's NBP Photon technology. The 2018 6-Series also supports Dolby Vision.

"This year, TCL is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to what kind of viewing experience consumers should expect from their TVs and sound systems. We're working smarter throughout the company and with our partners to make sure people understand that there's a whole new level of home entertainment out there within reach," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America. "As we continue to innovate, we're able to produce televisions engineered with features that maximize technologies which already exist in our sets like Dolby Vision and the Roku OS to deliver outstanding performance at an incredible value."

In just four years since the partnership started, TCL and Roku have made great strides to provide industry-leading smart TVs to consumers. TCL ended 2017 as the #3 smart TV brand in the U.S., with all of its smart TVs powered by the Roku OS. In 2018 TCL Roku TVs are slated to receive a range of new features delivered through a software update to the Roku OS. Roku Connect will enable Roku TVs to easily connect to other AV devices in the Roku ecosystem such as soundbars and speakers, enabling consumers to easily add great sound to a TV and audio system around the home. Roku Entertainment Assistant, a voice assistant for entertainment, will let customers launch podcasts, movies and TV shows from their favorite services with a simple voice command.

"Roku TV is growing fast in popularity, and TCL is a key partner who is instrumental in its success," said Roku CEO Anthony Wood. "We envision a broader Roku ecosystem where the TV is the center of the home entertainment experience, making Roku TV even more desirable. With Roku Connect it will make it easy to add great sound to an already great TV."

TCL Roku 6-Series 4K HDR TV: Powerful Performance
The new TCL 6-Series will combine stunning 4K high dynamic range picture performance and powerful stealth metal design for a superior TV experience. The set supports Dolby Vision, a spectacular HDR solution, and now boasts HDR Performance Package Pro to further elevate the experience. Dolby Vision transforms entertainment experiences by delivering greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich colors. The HDR Performance Package Pro includes Contrast Control Zone Technology, a new iPQ Engine and a versatile HDR Pro Gamma control. With 96 zones for the 55" 6-Series TV and 120 zones for the 65" model, TCL's Contrast Control Zone technology identifies bright and dark areas in each frame of content and controls each zone within the frame to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas. An all new iPQ Engine allows for precision color performance, tailored to deliver accurate and optimized DCI-P3 color space coverage. And no matter what environment this TCL model is placed in, from a dim home theater to a sun-lit living room, details remain visible with HDR Pro Gamma's tone map that accurately reproduces every detail within the darkest and brightest scenes.

These televisions also feature Wide Color Gamut with NBP Photon technology for even more realistic colors, as the latest LED phosphors drive color performance closer to the limits of human vision while targeting the DCI-P3 color space standard in which Hollywood studios create the highest-quality content.

The 6-Series comes equipped with a new Roku TV Voice Remote with voice search, high-speed 802.11ac wireless and Ethernet networking for faster streaming, three HDMI 2.0a ports with HDCP 2.2 so users can enjoy optimal functionality on all inputs, and will be available in 55- and 65-inch class models this spring.

TCL Roku 5-Series 4K HDR TV: Premium Picture
TCL's totally new 5-Series marries superior 4K UHD picture quality with Dolby Vision for a stellar imaging experience. The 5-Series benefits from TCL's HDR Performance Package, which features HDR Dynamic Contrast. The HDR Dynamic Contrast solution uses information embedded in Dolby Vision content to create a true cinematic experience by optimizing every scene for an accurate display of details in the bright and dark areas simultaneously, unlike other HDR solutions that have a set brightness level for all content. As with the 6-Series, the models within TCL's 5-Series lineup introduce both iPQ Engine for precise color replication and HDR Pro Gamma to significantly improve HDR performance in any setting.

Furthermore, the 5-Series TVs come packed with 240 Natural Motion technology for smooth action (55", 65" only), Wide Color with NBP Photon technology for exceptional colors, brighter highlights and increased contrast, advanced remote, high-speed 802.11ac wireless and Ethernet networking, and three HDMI 2.0a ports with HDCP 2.2.

The 5-Series will be available this spring with sizes ranging from 43 to 65 inches.


TCL also announced that it plans to be the first company to develop a smart soundbar under Roku's new Whole Home Entertainment Licensing Program. The TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will make adding great sound to a TCL Roku TV a breeze and allow for consumers to use voice to play music even when the TV is turned off. The new smart soundbar is expected to launch in late 2018.

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